I’m in bed, wearing my summer robe, my hair is still wet from my shower, and my glasses are on. And I’m dipping my big toe into the water of a conversation with my Spirit Guides. I am hearing key words.

“This is the best ever.”
“Talk to us.”
“You’d better get used to this.”
“We hope you channel us more often.”

I can barely hear to the point that the carbonated bubbles from my La Croix Peach Pear water is too loud for me to be able to make out several full sentences. Welcome to my world.

They are so beautifully insistent on connecting with me that I feel guilty for not being able to hear them very well. This is really the one time of day that I truly have to myself in the human sense. My entire day is taken up by priorities to other humans. This is “me time”. I suppose writing for your receiving means that I still have a human appointment, but I don’t see it that way. This is meditation for me, and I enjoy it to the fullest extent.

If I were to leave this planet and cross over, I still have little vision of what to expect. I don’t have the desire to “go home” any time soon. I quite like my life. But the thought of the other side is absolutely fascinating to me. Who will approach me first? Where will I go? What is Heaven really like? Will I have a job there? Will I think of a place to travel to and then suddenly be there? Will I think of a loved one who is also over there and suddenly be in their presence? Will I go to school or study something there? How many friends will I have? Will I prefer to spend more alone time than time with the company of others? Will I be afraid of what’s next when I first arrive? Will I be in love?

These are the questions I ask. It’s all such a mystery and it illudes me at times. I suppose I could just ask my Spirit Guides. We spend so much time conversing about my existence on Earth that I sometimes forget that they have answers to these questions and so much more. Tonight I am feeling gratitude for my Guides. Gratitude for my Spirit Guides is something that I’ve only experienced within the past year. I never gave Heaven much thought until I started to receive messages from the other side.

I will attempt to see if they would allow me to channel. I know I’m not really supposed to share a lot of channeling because it is so difficult for me to hear what is being said. But I tell my Guides I need the practice, and I really don’t see it as “capitalizing” so much as I see it as sharing and connecting.
I was told by world-renowned clear conduit channel and “Voice of the Elohim” Pamela Aaralyn in October 2018 in a video conference that I booked with her that my life purpose is “connection”. And this, she stated, came to her from my Higher Self. It was valuable information because I honestly didn’t know my life purpose.

Let’s hear what they have to say this evening. One moment please…

“You’re innocently making this a lot easier.”
“For the past 24 hours you’ve had incredible Clairaudience.”
“Isn’t that enough?”

Now they are saying “Let’s get on with it.” So I know that they look forward to this time of day because it really is the only time when I can show my devotion. I will now relax into the rest of my evening alone at home with my Spirit Guides. They deserve my undivided attention. And I deserve theirs, too.

Until tomorrow, all my love!


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