My apologies for my absence! I tentatively set to blog on Fridays and today is Sunday.

I have been feeling a bit stressed out about my future income. It can be emotional at times, and I’ve been dealing with this month’s news. My work building is closing my (along with several others) department, effective sometime in around December. Emotional honesty is my stating that I have had increased anxiety and depression throughout the information being provided for “what to do next”.

Other than that, I feel happy. My Sunday is coming to a close. And I am grateful for the opportunity to job search. Joe is working an overnight shift in these past few months. It makes it tough not to see him most days (we have opposite sleep schedules). We do converse on the phone nearly every night. Our relationship is strong and he and I have strong faith in each other.

I will certainly be updating you on my new job search in the coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding in my choice to blog weekly rather than daily.

I will end with a bridge and a chorus to a song I wrote in or around 2010, titled “I’ve Got Something to Say”.

A weed’ll hit the ground before the flower takes it’s root, seed is sown… own
I own it in my word, a word will tend a garden where good is grown, over your battle field, your war zone.

I’ve got something to say. I wanna be heard. I disagree, listen to me, that is absurd. How bad you want your way. You leave love behind. Eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.

Until next week, all my love!


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