I’m at home. I just had a spat about the fact that I cannot type on my iPad keyboard. I need to use the screen? Yes, that was a question mark because I feel lazy and entitled to my freakin’ iPad computer keyboard and not the screen. And I do not like the fact that no matter how long I charge it, it still does not allow me to use it. That’s my day. Not bad.

I’m in bed lounging and very happy. I have a guest who is very shy. So he might not be gracing us with his presence. Who are you?

My channeling begins:

“You have got to have opinions. What happens when you get everything you ever wanted?”

And I said, “Thank You.”

And he said,

“You have a personal vendetta against yourself. Actually, you remind me of myself.”

I said, “I do not have a personal vendetta against myself. And thank you.

And he said,

“Now that you have our attention, think about the outcome of your existence. We’ve decided you’ve been chosen as a significant counselor.”

I responded, “That’s weird.”

He said,

“You have accepted your callings from Gia. You are responsible for Earth’s ascension during this period.”

I said, “No. I am not.”

They said,

“You’re human. Of course you would say that. It’s a miracle that you can hear us. You’re intelligent. You’ve accepted this calling as a paycheck. We are critical of you. You’re magnificent. And you’ve had questionable behavior. The episode was nothing but a promotional incentive in the behavior of the human collective. You represent an outsider of the human collective. Go ahead and enter the collective.”

My channeling is wretched tonight. I must apologize. They are smart. And I cannot hear. I am going to relax into summer and have a good night. Good night. Until tomorrow, all my love!


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