As I’ve stated before, my work-week routine includes my eight-hour job, the gym after work, and then home for an evening of showering and meditation. This has been shown to me to be appropriate at this time in my life as I need as much stability as is available. My workout after work is something that I consider to be self care. My talk therapist has focused on self care in our conversations over the past three months, and I am following any advice she offers in that area.

Some of the suggestions for self care that I have received have been exercise, eight to ten hours of sleep per day, a bath with Epsom salts, meditation, sipping bone broth with cayenne pepper and turmeric, sipping cold kombucha (an effervescent beverage with yeast and bacteria said to have many health benefits), and even a manicure and pedicure. I have followed these suggestions and have added more to the list.

Conscious self care has become a part of my daily routine. Tonight, I sit in bed with my robe on about to go to sleep. I remember saying, approximately nine months ago, that my plan was to get into a regular talk therapist, do regular exercise, and possibly start a YouTube channel to be there for those who are dealing with anxiety, depression, and awakening and ascension symptoms. I haven’t started a YouTube channel but I have returned to blogging to share my mental health experiences.

Because I don’t have anything quirky and laughable that typically happens at my job, I am being challenged to bring humor to this blog. But I can say that the quirkiest time of my day is my drive from work to the gym when I sometimes make up little songs in the car rather than listening to the radio. Tonight I had a burrito in my purse that I had intended to eat for lunch, so I made up a song in my car about having a burrito in my purse.

When I got out of my car at the gym, I noticed the ambient noise from the city. I could hear full sentences of messages coming through the noise and I stood in awe of this for a couple of minutes. I am still amazed daily by the messages I hear. I am traversing this new territory with an open mind and much gratitude. It is a phenomenal experience, and I am doing my best to keep up with the messages. Thank you for also having an open mind alongside me. I am happy to continue sharing the experience of audibly hearing messages.

I will leave you with one short minute of channeling to close the day. One moment please…

“You haven’t processed. You’ve decided to take this time to exercise. We have an expensive proposition for you. You’ve been dealing with so much. How do you feel about the noises that come in? There’s a different perspective on the other side. You can’t capitalize on these messages until you process them. That’s exactly what therapy is for. You’ve sacrificed everything. Every human is different. You’ve got to cancel this portion of your blog until these messages make sense to somebody else. You’re incredible. You’re wonderful. In fact, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks. You’re incredible. That’s your one minute interval.”

And with that, I do realize that I need to stop capitalizing on my channeling experiences until I become more fully aware of what it means to me to be receiving these messages as a regular American woman. I returned to this medium of writing to keep things light. And I will continue to search for lightness in each new day. Until tomorrow, all my love!


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