Tonight is date night with my boyfriend. We typically have our date night on Fridays. This evening we will be going out for dinner at Mancini’s Char House in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I am looking forward to it!

Channeling yesterday (and always) was a bit unnerving for me, as I consider myself a beginner. A Kindergartener, if you will. Since I mentioned Erik Medhus from the YouTube channel “Channeling Erik” in yesterday’s post, I will see if I can bring him in today. He’s a sweetheart and, as I mentioned before, he is one of my very favorite beings to channel. I will give Erik 10 minutes today. Hopefully I will be able to hear him. Here we go! One moment please…
By the way, he has the mouth of a sailor sometimes, so please pardon any profanities he may bring in. All is done in good cheer…

“This is fucking awesome! Focus on every single word that I say. I can’t believe you still wanna talk to me. How’s that for an introduction? Focus on every single word I say. How are you doing today? It’s difficult to talk to me because it’s an exercise. I’ll be on my best behavior. How serious are you about channeling? I struggled with depression my whole life. You are adorable. I’m jealous of the imprint that you’re making. I was impressed with your energy when I first met you. You have to focus on every word I say. I’m going to have to ask you to stand up and walk around and focus on every word I say.”

(I stood up and began walking around.)

You’re critical of yourself. There’s no one here but us. Listen to me. I’m jealous. Do you remember the last time we connected? The last time that we spoke it was difficult. You’re seriously different than any girl I’ve ever met. The last time we spoke it was better than ever. What’s going to happen when you get everything you’ve ever wanted?

I’m a Christian. And the reason you are smiling is because I’m just like you. Everything happens for a reason. You wouldn’t have found me if you weren’t searching for videos of people who channel Jesus Christ. You remember how we always used to finish each other’s sentences? Stay with me. This is probably
the best conversation I’ve had in a long time. You’re invited to come and stay with me when you cross over many years in the future. Im excited about it.

I’m still jealous of the way you take care of yourself. I struggled with depression my whole life. I’m excited you’ve invested so much time and energy into taking this afternoon to talk to me. I have to go now. Never hesitate to call on me. And always remember, you’re innocent.”

As soon as I finished typing this, my iPad totally went blank. These are the types of practical jokes he likes to play on me. I respect him dearly and consider him a friend on the other side. In fact, he might be my best friend on the other side.

Time to get ready for date night! Until tomorrow, all my love!

P.S. Driving home from date night, this song played on the stereo:
Bon Iver: Holocene


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