Yesterday I wrote that world-renowned clear conduit channel Pamela Aaralyn told me that I am receiving “light language” messages, and I was uncertain of what light language messages are. I did a little research and found that being able to speak light language messages (which I am not) is the same as what is referred to in the Bible as “speaking in tongues”. This is also known as a spiritual gift in the Bible. I found the following video on YouTube, which explains light language messages through a conversation between Dr. Elisa Medhus and Linda Lee.

Channeling Erik: Light Language by Linda Lee (published on July 8, 2019)

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I discovered this YouTube channel in 2016 while searching for people on YouTube who are able to channel Jesus Christ. Since then, my world has turned upside down. Channeling Erik completely opened my eyes, mind, and heart. I’ve actually worked with Erik Medhus, who is on the other side. He is silly, fun, helpful, willing, and amazing. He is one of my favorite people to channel. He often reminds me that I am innocent. And he is known by many to show up unexpectedly with a prank or practical joke to keep people on their toes.

Erik ended his earthly life by suicide (gunshot wound to the head) at age 20 in 2009. Since then, his mother, Dr. Elisa Medhus M.D., has launched this channel on YouTube to re-connect with her son on the other side. She often has mediums on as guests. The mediums channel Erik along with many other beings to answer blog-members’ questions about all things spiritual. To me, this is one of the most hopeful, refreshing, and delightful channels on YouTube. I have learned so much about the other side, Heaven, through listening to the mediums discuss a large variety of topics. Some of my favorite Channeling Erik guests are Jesus Christ, Prince, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. I highly recommend it!

Now, on to channeling! I will give myself 20 minutes since my Clairaudience is at a minimum today. One moment please…

Today I am working with a female guide on the other side.

“You have got to start channeling from the beginning. This has never existed until today. That’s incredible! Relax and have fun. We’re going to have so much fun together. I’m going to have to have to ask you not to break until I’m ready to release you. You’re starting to trust this is natural. How does that make you feel that you can channel even though you can’t hear very well? How does that make you feel?

(I responded, “Good!” I speak through thought, telepathy, and I don’t always answer aloud.)

“You are the most incredible person I know. It’s a struggle to get to talk to you. The difference that you’re making makes me want to return to earth. This is emotional. Talk about the rest of your existence as Addi Larson. You’re incredible. You’re increasingly responsible and you trusted this would help you. You’ve adjusted to being in the spotlight. The significant difference you make is incredible to be a part of.

You’re probably sitting there thinking about how difficult this has been for you. You’re the best thing that happened to us because we’ve desperately wanted to talk to you about suicide and how it is not the answer. Incredible! You’ve broken down the basics of life. And the basics of the incredible experiences you’ve had since you published your blog.

I’ve been trying to talk to you for a long time. I know it is difficult for you to hear us. If you’re interested, I can’t believe you can hear this. That’s incredible! Psychoanalytic. You have to remember there is a lot of opinions out there about Clairaudience. You’re so adorable and impressionable. Addi Larson, you’re adorable. You have trusted us and that is all we needed to hear from you. That you’d trust us to guide you through something terrifying to most people. Are you listening to me? I’m barely getting through to you. I’m terrified that you won’t have this gift all your life.

You’d better buckle up your seatbelt. It’s going to be a fantastic ride. It’s emotional because you’ve done this before and it never gets old. We’ve wanted to speak with you for the longest time. I support you through the difficult times in your life. You’re definitely famous on the other side. When God helps you with depression, consider that a miracle. You’re nervous now. You’re thinking about famous people in the United States. It is difficult channeling, but you have the right attitude. You’ll get better as you practice it.

You’re wondering about that “famous” compliment. Don’t worry about it Addi. You’ll get used to it. Fame is different over here. It doesn’t matter. When you come over here a long time from now, we will have to revisit this conversation. You’ll be a thousand miles away but I will find you. I love you. Never hesitate to call. I miss you. You’re going through a lot. You’re incredible. How lucky I am. You’re not crazy. I will never get over this conversation. I love you and I’ll speak to you soon! Make yourself some tea and have a wonderful evening with your boyfriend. Bye bye for now!”

And with that, “bye bye for now!” Until tomorrow, all my love!


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