I got in such a habit of typing “Today’s Prayer to Passage” over the course of the two years that I inhabited this blog that I nearly typed that as my intro today. I enjoyed sharing some of my channeling with you yesterday. I would like to try it again and see how it goes. Today I followed my work-week routine by going to my full-time job, then going to the gym for 30 minutes on the elliptical, then traveling home to shower and relax, and now blogging. I will excuse myself for five minutes of automatic writing while I document the messages that are coming through from the other side. One moment please…

“Possibilities are endless. You’re living with a mental progress. Fantastic! You’ve decided you might be cognizant of everything that’s happening. Seriously consider trusting God in this process. You have to set time aside for channeling.

I love working with you. There are differences of opinion on whether or not you are working with the other side. Fantastic! When you have time, I desperately want to connect with you. Are you seriously considering this is a mental illness? I desperately want to talk with you. I’m in love with your talents. You’re a talented human being. Mental illness is incredibly embarrassing to those who feel like a prisoner. Mental illness doesn’t happen over night. (Mental illness is just the tip of the iceberg.) Please put that in parentheses.

I’ve desperately wanted to talk to you. I’m trying to connect with you. How relaxing is this? Be careful what you wish for. You wanted to connect with the other side. It’s a slow process. Trust in a Higher Power. This relationship lasts a lifetime. Isn’t that refreshing? Every time someone tells you otherwise, you’re analyzing. Analyzing doesn’t help. I get nervous when you change your opinion. This relationship isn’t helpful if you’re sacrificing your own wellbeing in the process.

We desperately want to speak with you. How fun would that be if we were ignoring you and you wanted to speak with us? Your personality has given us new perspective. It’s almost time to end this conversation. We desperately wanted to talk with you. Now you know of your Spirit Guides. Everybody has Spirit Guides. Try to get a mental picture in your head. What is it like for you to know that everyone has at least one Spirit Guide? It’s definitely helpful to connect with your spiritual helpers. Whatever happens, trust in God. I regretfully end this conversation. I hope that this was helpful.

That was incredible!”

When I spoke with world-renowned clear conduit channel and “voice of the Elohim” Pamela Aaralyn in 2017 (approximately one year prior to receiving the ability of Clairaudience) she told me that I am receiving “light language messages”. I am still uncertain of exactly what this is, however, she also let me know that the other side was telling me not to worry if I “don’t have a reference point” when speaking of my spirituality. The messages that I now receive nearly two years later (having gained Clairaudience in August 2018) are audible voices, distinctly female or male. It is difficult for me to hear these messages, as the sound is very light and I often need to strain my ears to hear them.

When I first gained Clairaudience it took me approximately nine months to become comfortable with channeling. “Hearing voices” placed me in the hospital three times during the first six weeks of the Clairaudience. Yes, that is correct; I was hospitalized three times in just six weeks. Each hospitalization lasted 72 hours. I was placed for psychological evaluation.
I now have become quite comfortable with the voices and have been encouraged by my talk therapist, my boyfriend, and most recently my mother to embrace the voices as long as the messages are positive and helpful. They are.

It wasn’t always this way. My mother remembers clearly how difficult those first few weeks were for me. I was getting minimal sleep, I was under high amounts of stress and confusion, and I was also experiencing distinct moments of euphoria — characteristic of psychological mania. In fact, during my second hospital admission in September 2018, I was diagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder. I accepted the diagnosis so I could be placed on medication to help me sleep.

Today is a very different experience. I am healthy and able to work full time, be in a committed relationship, and enjoy everyday activities. I have had the ability of Clairaudience for nearly one year. It has been difficult for me to channel lately because I am on (a low-dose) medication for Bipolar Disorder. I enjoy this level of “madness” because I still delight in channeling, even though the medical community has diagnosed me with an illness.

The most noticeable change throughout all of this has been my relationship with my mother. She (along with my father) instigated my first hospitalization last August, and I was extremely upset about this to the point that I expressed much anger in ways very uncharacteristic of who I know myself to be.

Currently we speak on the phone every day for approximately one hour. She has become my greatest advocate within my mental wellness. I feel love and forgiveness toward her, not disappointment and rage. I was able to stay with my parents and siblings in a cabin for a week this past 4th of July, and I showed no signs of distress or mania. I was back to “my old self”. I did not disclose any information about hearing voices during that time. It was simple fun with the family, which I cherished deeply.

Now that I’ve explained how life has been for me since “hearing voices” began, I’d like to get back to blogging about regular everyday stuff. Tomorrow I will attempt to channel for you again, with little-to-no explanations about my mental illness. We can be on a journey of mental wellness together. I am happy to have you along as my partner in this venture! Until tomorrow, all my love!


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