I am practicing typing on my phone again. I used to be able to do this every day. I did this every day for two years. It’s like traveling across the United States as opposed to going to Europe. “Maybe”. I’m over 40. Give me Europe. The United States: meh. That’s blogging: touring the United States. So the obvious question is, “Well then, what’s Europe?” Europe is YouTube, and I’m too shy for that. They’d judge me by my weight, clothes, and Minnesota accent. There is so much of a bigger picture into my world that I’m not quite ready to share. Someday. Someday, Europe. For now, America. Home Sweet Home.


So my boyfriend already has it in for me. I must not discuss compliments that are too personal. It was this whole structured sentence prepared to show that his compliments are adorable, but he won’t let me write about that sort of thing. So starting right now, I won’t.

I’m single with a boyfriend. That means not married. So I’m not single if I’m checking a box on a legal document listing “divorced” as an option. But sometimes I’m like, “We were only married for three years”, and I check single anyway. Who really takes having been married into consideration for anything? Except that it was a very nice marriage and I’m sorry it ended. But that’s about it.

I am a single woman with a live-in boyfriend who is allowing me to call him by an anonymous name. Let’s call him Joe. He is 28. And I don’t have to feel that I’ll never truly understand Millenials because I don’t have children to observe. I have Joe.

I mean that as a compliment, of course. He’s a sweetheart.
We spend a lot of time hugging. He’s very sweet and affectionate. That’s all I’ll say about him for now.

I am home from work today. It’s Sunday and Joe is napping. We just watched five episodes of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon, as recommended by my talk therapist.

She’s a 1950s stay-at-home mom turned stand-up comedienne. It’s very sweet and light and there are F-bombs in a petticoat with a lovely hat. She plays her part well.

I could not possibly do stand-up comedy. I’m too shy for that, too. I know I may not write about my boyfriend. I know I may not write about my job. So the only thing I think I may talk about is my wellbeing. I can cover a few topics on mental health and spirituality. This could be a season. I cannot imagine writing every day. Though I would, as it can be therapeutic.

I will end today by noting that I gained what the spiritual community calls “Clairaudience” on August 21, 2018. Since that day, my life has been one of Heavenly voices with messages for me. Clairaudience is the ability to hear the other side. I have a lot of support from my talk therapist about this. I am more attached to the spiritual community than the medical community, though I enjoy both. I am happy to write about what I hear. It is lovely because I only work with four spirit guides, and this was confirmed to me by a local medium who has been a medium since she was a young girl.

Anyway, I have to go. But I’ll be back. Thanks for listening. Love.


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