I am having some technical difficulties with blogging on my phone, so I am not able to write more than a paragraph or two. I will work to remedy this by writing on my iPad the way I did with my Prayer to Passage posts. I can only scroll down as far as where I end this post, and then there is a “cookies” pop-up that I can’t get rid of. The pop up is preventing me from being able to write more. It’s becoming a learning curve for me, yet I will do my best to return tomorrow on my iPad to continue the conversation. All my love! Until tomorrow.


Today, when I realized I would not be posting a thoughtful blog post, I knew it was because I was back in my regular weekly work routine. And I’ve come to the conclusion that I really need to set aside time to write.

I would love to go into detail about some (not all) of my recent mental health crisis. Gaining the ability of Clairaudience in August 2018 has had me continually questioning everything about the messages I am hearing. Has this been a neurological disorder rather than a Heavenly experience? The “hearing voices” declaration to the medical community did not always go over well. This is why I’ve reached out to three professional mediums within the past year. All three mediums (who also have Clairaudience) confirmed that I am in fact connecting with “the other side”. One confirmed that I’m primarily working with four spirit guides. To be fair, I’ve also met with three psychologists in a professional setting of talk therapy within the past year.

When I write about “the other side” I am referring to the other side of “the veil” that essentially separates the Heavenly realm from the earthly realm. To me, it’s not complicated. To those who may be less inclined to take interest in the spiritual community, this may sound far fetched. Nevertheless, I’ll be happy to share some of the messages I’ve received since I gained this ability in August 2018. Living with hearing messages from the Heavenly realm has been daunting and unnerving at times. Yes, it has been a journey. I look forward to opening up about these experiences in a light and candid manner. All things spiritual. Until tomorrow! Love.


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