Date night was set for last night with reservations at Fogo de Chao and I was well prepared to eat as much meat as one human should consume in a full calendar year. I dressed up in a favorite outfit and wore make-up and jewelry. Meat was coming at us like crazy. Beef, pork, bacon, it was a feast. The dance that my body did to process that much date-night meat… That information is private but let me say that a lot of beef tenderloin in my system has to go through a session of digestion that I prefer to keep private. Date night was cherished. There were sweet moments where my boyfriend and I would gaze (meat glazed) into each other’s eyes and smile with a sweet kiss or two. There was sweet conversation and laughter. Good music in the car on our way home. Good times. Great times.
Today is back to work. I awoke this morning knowing that I’ve got this sweet little life with Joe and food and laughter are here for us continually. Blogging is out of my comfort zone. I consider myself quite shy. I will open up about my daily dealings with anxiety and depression. Please give me a few days to warm up to comedy.
Joe is in the other room laughing at The Office on Netflix. I am seated comfortably in the entryway of our apartment. Life is generally very sweet. I am content and hopeful. And I bring that to you as solace from what your day is bringing you today. I will be cracking jokes about my regular life. I will be light hearted. I’m just getting started. Thank you so much for sticking around and allowing me to share with you in this era. I truly love blogging. It’s what I do. I consider you a friend for checking in and seeing what happens next. All my love!


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