Prayer to Passage is changing. I took some time off. It was deserved. And I’m back. I am titling this extension to my blog: LIGHT
(as suggested by my therapist today). I wanted to title the reunion series GENEROSITY for only one reason. A past boyfriend once informed me from the guy-side, “Generosity is hot.” My therapist said LIGHT, and I am going with LIGHT.

I won’t be doing the whole “Prayer to Passage” thing in this series (reunion, extension, etc.). I plan to keep things LIGHT. Maybe I’ll share some depth, however, I am exhausted by depth. One thing is for sure, there can still be depth in LIGHT.


“You are hot in so many ways.” My boyfriend just walked into the living room, said that, hugged me for longer than eight seconds, and walked away. That’s a good boyfriend. No. That’s a great boyfriend.

I’ve decided to blog about my life —- post Prayer to Passage. And what could I write about, given my life is not praying over a book every single day for two years? Answer: Mental health. I was diagnosed with Bi-polar for the very first time at age 40. I had my very first manic episode in September 2018. But I don’t want to focus on my mental illness. I play in life within my mental wellness. So I am hoping that is what will shine through here today. I say today because I do take my life one day at a time in this era. My boyfriend and I are going on a date night tonight, so I need to put on make-up. I will check in with you soon! Love love love.


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