Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “Upstream” by Mary Oliver.

Today I pray, “Dear God, There is no need for fear. I do not know why this was something of which I had to convince myself in 2015, knew of with truth in 2016, and know with certainty now in 2017. Perhaps I have evolved. Perhaps I have further awakened. Perhaps there is a higher truth calling me to rise to this occasion of freedom from fear and acceptance of self-love. I believe it is a rising to higher consciousness. It feels as though I live on a different planet earth than I did two years ago. The meditation helps. The callings and self-love vibrate to match this new earth.

If I can get here, by golly, anyone can! I was born to weed through America. I was born to watch television and have that set the tone of who I knew myself to be, what I knew my possibility to be. And then I discovered, I chose, the world and everything beyond it. Not as a queen or a king, rather, as a soul undivided from every other soul, from Source, from Love, from The All, from Oneness with The All and with Source. I chose to turn off the television and remember my connection to my resources and Source. And I stepped, brilliantly, into a new earth.

It is here that I gained ground on an even higher vibration and thinning veil. It is here that I connected to energy beyond this planet earth. It is here that I experienced life nearly outside of my physical body. It is here that I am able to be in the now with more vibrancy than I had deemed possible before. Material objects are energy imbued with fear; and I am still drawn to the tattooed fear from time to time. I want to hoard them, including money, and keep them with me because I am afraid of what or who I am without them. But there is no need to build a bunker in the mountains, to have access to an escape tunnel, to re-route my monetary map, to fear a FEMA camp, to sign a death pledge, to keep up with information highway periscopes, to bow to conscription, to be resigned and cynical for the sake of being resigned and cynical, or to abandon hope.

For all of this, dear God, thank You. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“For Emerson, the value and distinction of this transcendentalism was very much akin to this swerving and rolling away from acute definition. All the world is taken in through the eye, to reach the soul, where it becomes more, representative of a realm deeper than appearances: a realm ideal and sublime, the deep stillness that is, whose whole proclamation is the silence and the lack of material instance in which, patiently and radiantly, the universe exists.”

Today’s passage aligns so beautifully with my prayer, which I receive with fruitful gratitude. Life as I set out on my own is a fruitful life of abundance, a life deeper than appearances. For so many years throughout my childhood and adolescence, life was taken in through the eye, contained and undefinable. I had no way to define life until I learned how to connect to Source in a way that reaches the soul. I surrendered to the process of learning how to greet the Divine. My perception of myself was disconnected from the body that was carrying a slave to popular culture. I knew a different human, and I did not know where she was hiding and from what she was hidden.

Today, I stood in a crisp winter breeze on freshly snow-covered ground — basking in rays of sunlight as the reflection shone upon my face from a puddle of melted snowflakes at my feet. The elements of air, earth, fire, and water enveloped my energetic space. And I arose, radiantly, from the patience I bore in a chrysalis for 40 years. Even in the womb I was destined to weed through America. The destiny was archaic in its reflection. And I remembered, perhaps for the first time as this newly known human, I belong.


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