Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children” by Doreen Virtue.

Today I pray, “Dear God, I have heard a choir in Heaven. It happens rarely. I have only experienced this Heavenly choir three times. It resonates as many voices and one tone. And the tone raises and lowers. I am uncertain of the notes. It reminds me of a chant. It sounds very peaceful. I have been in a safe place, alone, each of the three times this experience has taken place. I imagine many angels. What is this tone? Is this a song of Heaven? Thank You for these angelic moments of sound when I do arise to them. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“The world is waking up and people are becoming more and more aware. Now there is room for the enlightened, super-intelligent children. Because NOW we allow them to keep the frequency they initially had when they came to us.”

Today I was able to accept that all of my life, I may have been living as a Crystal and entirely out of my element due to my age. At age 39, I would be considered early to have arrived to earth with a Crystal aura. When I discovered auras and the Spiritual communities that are taking part in the conversation of auras and waves of children arriving to earth to show the way, to create a new way of being on the planet, to heal the earth, I was not at all connected to the idea that I myself might have been one of these arrivals. And I am realizing that I connect with such synchronicity to children of this generation because it is through them that I feel a connection on an intuitive and telepathic level, and on a level of vibrational frequency.

Last month, I was at work and out of the blue I thought of a friend with whom I had not communicated in over two months. She came to mind and I immediately began to cry. I wept so fluidly upon the thought of this friend that I wondered what it was that was connecting me to her in thought. She texted me later that day, completely unaware of my tearful episode, to request that I pray for her because she had gone to the emergency room the night before and was having an urgent personal medical procedure to attend to. I told her that she came to my mind earlier that day and I immediately began to cry, not knowing why. The connection was unfathomable. And then I realized that this was not the first time that I had experienced this sort of telepathy and intuition in connection to special people in my life.

I have had these experiences with friends, family members, community members, lovers, and even acquaintances. And this is a common attribute of Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows. At he time of this writing, Indigos are primarily ages infant through 30s, and Crystals and Rainbows are primarily ages infant through 20s. It has not been immediate for me to look at my characteristics and notice how they align with those of Crystal auras, whom I have only viewed as children. All my life I have felt that I don’t really belong here; I have felt out of place in a way that I have stated, “Nobody cares about life. I feel like I am the only one I know who cares.” I said that throughout my teens and 20s, and what I think I may have meant by the energy of that statement was that my sense of integrity and connection to the Divine feels deeply invested, and I don’t feel that resonating with anyone else I have ever met. Until now.

I feel that energy in so many children on planet earth at this time. They have my passion, my intuition, my connection to self and to others, my strong sense of justice and integrity, my need for life to be balanced and clean and simple. And when things do not feel this way, I want to escape, to hide out, to self-medicate, to rebel, to self-sabotage, to sleep, to quiet myself and lose the light within me. I feel a strong need to go within, to connect to God for answers, and to act responsibly with the intuitive information that is coming at me in highly connected mental capacities that function like supernatural gifts and abilities.

And now, as they have arrived, I feel a strong sense that I, too, have arrived. I feel at home. I resonate with humans.

That sounds ridiculous, yet I feel that if I asked other Crystals if they have ever experienced these types of thoughts and feelings, many might respond that they resonate there as well. Like an ethereal choir we are both able to hear, in a sense. Especially those Crystals that are “older” for the energy, in their 20s and 30s. The Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow conversation is a growing conversation in Spiritual communities in recent years. And I do believe Delores Canon when she was channeled by Pamela Aaralyn in 2016, conveying that humans simply perceive the color of the energy of these children and young adults. It is not necessarily that the energy field is this color or that color. The colors of the vibrational frequencies are perceived by humans as Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow — as with any aura color. That auras are really vibrational frequencies of energies arriving to planet earth with characteristics that align with the purposes of those energy frequencies. And humans who are able to perceive these frequencies more distinctly than by the characteristics do so by perceiving colors of light in an auric energy field surrounding them. I align with this, as I am reminded of my frequent prayer in solitude to God as a four-year-old child, “God, Bless the whole wide world. Amen.” I have arrived with purpose, indeed.


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