Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Thank You for love. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to this passage:

“The main message of Jesus, I believed, was that mercy trumps justice every time.”

One aspect of becoming involved in a daily meditation of action in this blog medium has been an aspect of opening myself up to receiving more information from arising esoteric communities online. Before starting this blog, much of my information came from Spirit, Source, God. And I still experience this receiving this way. Although, now, this receiving of information from Source God is in existence in harmony with other people online who are coming out about their own Spiritual experiences. I have learned a lot since starting this blog. Discernment remains an important practice, and it it in this continual receiving of information that I reside at peace with discernment as a chosen strength and guide. Discernment is mine. And discernment is yours. Discernment is yours as an important foundation alongside Self and Source God.

Previous to this blog, my receiving was through faith, prayer, intuition, empathy, telepathy, discerning of spirits, dreams, prophecy, astrology, numerology, and auras. These were my main tenets. Since starting the blog in 2015, my new arrivals of information have been from channels, mediums, and psychics in online esoteric communities. These amazing people include (and are not limited to) Pamela Aaralyn, Delores Canon, Jaime Butler, and Kim Babcock. These are all women. Wow. How cool is that!? I just now realized that.

Something I find so fascinating about the online esoteric communities is that they are so go-with-the-flow, accept-what-is, and confident in their essence of energy. There is no sense of force. It is a loving and accepting environment. It is a free environment. This in no way downplays the fact that they are here to usher in change and evolution. If this information was available on television, for instance, there could be mass hysteria and a negative uprising. This needs a beautiful unfolding at its own evolving pace. And those who are drawn to these esoteric communities receive the information because they were guided to it, whether or not they are even aware of this having been guided notion.

It is these online esoteric communities that allow for the mercy of delivering and receiving information. It is of our own blessed intuition, held by each and every one of us, that we are able to determine that without this gradual evolution in online communities there would be a justice by way of a premature uprising. The premature uprising would simply be cognitive dissonance as fuel to the fire of a blazing cognitive dissonance until it is snuffed out by an arms-crossed, “So there! We’re not allowing those types of conversations in popular culture.” Yet look at what is taking place! Rather than being a snuffed out blaze of cognitive dissonance, there is a Phoenix Rising evolution of collective consciousness for those who are ready to receive it. These types of conversations are receiving billions and billions of views in the online realm. And people are leaving the online realm and going about their daily lives. So the transition, the evolution, is natural and merciful and allowed and flowing and beautiful. This is justice at its most loving state of being. It is a merciful Love.


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