Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton.

Today I pray, “Dear God, After following an agreement to step into 3-D work with people for the past four months, as a volunteer in my local community, I am ready (oh-so-ready) to return to a writer’s life of peace and simple prosperity. As the agreement to be with people and get over in their worlds (and experience a portion how life occurs for them) was enlightening, engaging, and wonderful, I am ready for a Heavenly restoration of spirit. Time to awaken, to ascend, to move into a 4-D and 5-D experience, and to enjoy Heaven on earth again and again. Thank You for this. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

Spiritual perception must be an individual quest or it has no meaning. We are greatly influenced by our own immediate reality, and we can act on that reality one step at a time without the necessity of seeing too far into the distance. Even steps in the wrong direction give us insight into the many paths designed to teach us. To bring the soul Self into harmony with our physical environment, we are given freedom of choice to exercise free will in the search for the reasons why we are here. On the road of life we must take responsibility for all our decisions without blaming other people for life’s setbacks that bring us unhappiness.

My favorite part about choosing to step into 3-D life is that I am reminded of what 3-D purpose feels like. My callings are of other dimensions, and oftentimes it is easy for me to forget the purpose of why we came here in the first place. Intercessory Prayer, ‘The Biggest Audience’, Prophecy, Faith, visits with Yeshua and Archangels… these are otherworldly connections that draw me in to a Heavenly state of mind.

A down-to-earth perspective is necessary among all of this. It is not to say that I even set out to experience one, yet when one arrives… I feel it. It feels heavy, draining, and exhausting. I am to learn something of all of this. It contributes to my ability to pray, to my life played out for view by the spirit realm, to my intuitions and insights, to my commitment to God, to my experience with my version of celebrity… it contributes to Heaven, which contributes to earth. And infinity continues. Eternal grace is born. Charity thrives. Benevolence is actualized. And love spans all dimensions of time and space.


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