Today’s Prayer to Passage will be drawn from a recent interview of singer/songwriter/author Jewel Kilcher. Her new book, ‘Never Broken,’ will be on my bookshelf soon. Jewel was probably the greatest influencial artist for my own songwriting and poetry writing in my twenties. I heard her voice as a voice of legacy. There is a spirit of authenticity in her music and story that lends light to my own brilliant experiences. I cherish her artistry.

I pray, “Dear God, Your Presence of Spirit is all around us. All the time. How do we walk with Spirit and allow Spirit to be in the world, through us?”

Following my prayer, I was brought to this passage in her interview:

“I really believe in the resiliency of the human spirit. Our losses don’t have to define us, except in ways we choose.”

I love it when words from my prayers show up in the passages. I wasn’t expecting the word spirit to arrive. And that is exactly what happens, isn’t it? We go about our days, our lives, not expecting Spirit to be ever present. Yet there Spirit is. Always with us, always guiding us. Always showing us miracles.

Human spirit is a gift. We own it (as humans have a tendency to like to own things). If we can simplify the depths and beauty of our own spirits as our ownership of spirit, there becomes a privilege and an honorable responsibility to put forth our spirits with nobility. God’s Spirit is a comfort. God is for everyone. And with spirit, with liveliness, we may accept God’s abundant Spirit in our lives.


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