Today’s Prayer to Passage will be drawn from a book of poems titled ‘The Chain Letter of the Soul’ by Bill Holm.

And I pray, “Dear God, each and every one of us is a hero. With the advent of social media and extra connectedness, we are more aptly detecting heroism in every day life. We are heros to our loved ones, to ourselves, and to that which we do not even know. What are Your words to us of heroism in everyday life?”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to the following passage on page 116:

“How they die
They dry up,
turn into light.”

At first I thought, “This poem is far too short to define heroism.” Then I sat with it for a moment. What we are heroic for on earth, in life, is honorable in its own right. It is temporary, the experience of heroism. It lasts only a lifetime. I can’t say that I believe in heroism in Heaven.

I don’t necessarily grant that we are lauded in the light. We are in the light. And that is enough. That is a suitable replacement. So while we are still here, we will continue with kind words, gracious actions, and brilliant nuances. We will shine, bright as can be, because while we are here, we are already courageous.


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