Today’s Prayer to Passage is broadcasted live to a television near me.

And I pray, “Dear God, How has television played a role in love, unity, peace, and fidelity. Lately, I am curious.”

In light of today’s in-the-box medium, I concentrated on the remote and clicked it to this audible passage:

“…A party where the government as I believe it should in this country, radical idea though it may be, should actually represent working people and the middle class rather than large campaign donors.”

“Well, if you can stick around, if you can stick around for one second, we’ve gotta get some messages right now from giant corporations to pay our bills. And we’ll come back and find out why they’re the bad guys from Bernie Sanders. We’ll be right back with more from Senator Bernie Sanders! Go buy these products!”

“…Demand the government start working for all of us, not just the few… Frankly, I don’t support the agenda of corporate America or the billionaire class. I don’t want their money. …What we are doing, and I’m pretty proud of this, we have over 450,000 different people who have made individual contributions averaging about $31.20 a piece. That’s called a people’s campaign, not a billionaire’s campaign. That’s the campaign that I want to run.”

OK, so what I got from this is that in the area of fidelity, television can deliver integrity to the masses. Ideas can change the world for the better. Bernie Sanders as President of the United States of America might not change the powers that be, but he could create a uniting affect in the midst of a stodgy, dogmatic, and tired portion of politicking. He might become merely our placating diplomat as the puppet masters continue an enslaving play, but television perks up viewers with his fresh approach to a U.S. Presidential campaign. And for that, television has done alright by me. Thank You, God, for today’s definition of what’s possible on the idiot box; that’s some wise telly.


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