Today’s Prayer to Passage is delivered from the book ‘God Help the Child’ by Toni Morrison.

And I pray, “Dear God, I have been applying a lot of intercessory prayer lately on the behalf of others and in the will of You. Though I cannot see the result of many of my prayers, what do You say in regards to my new assignment? Amen.”

After my prayer, I opened the book to the following passage:

“What you do to children matter. And they might never forget.”
—Toni Morrison

I am praying for all of God’s children. Every girl and boy, every woman and man, everyone. There is no part of my prayer that is for an iniquitous undertaking. All of my intercessory prayers are collective of love. Listening to the most beautiful, heavenly choir singing in a dimly lit church on a cold winter night resonates Spiritual truths and reconnects me with God in all of God’s infinite compassion. This is the feeling I also receive when surrounding the world with love through prayer.

I know that through prayer, God’s children are my children. The sense of creation and artistry that I am given within the privilege of prayer appropriates me as a potter in partnership with God. Mastery of prayer arrives likened to the mastery of pottery, and the clay of the world is a gorgeous work of art. It takes practice. My prayer involves my two hands and my vision. I can shape the world, and for all of God’s children, I say, “Amen.”


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