Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book ‘The Right to Write’ by Julia Cameron.

I pray, “Dear God, Write to me of simplicity.”

Following my prayer, I was brought to this passage on page 8:

“If we eliminate the word ‘writer,’ if we just go back to writing as an act of listening and naming what we hear, some of the rules disappear. There is an organic shape, a form-coming-into-form that is inherent in the thing we are observing, listening to, and trying to put on the page. It has rules of its own that will reveal to us if we listen with attention. Shape does not need to be imposed. Shape is part of what we are listening to. When we just let ourselves write, we get it ‘right.'”

I think about this general theory daily. It is amazing what arrives when I listen with attention. I find myself asking, “Should I use that?” And the answer often returns a whisper of destiny. Things don’t simply happen; things happen with great fervor to simply guide us. The behind-the-scenes of every moment of every day is far more intricate than the inner workings of the wristwatch announcing its own human measure of that moment.

What remains is a host of calls to be answered. I am given the options and they are fully available to me. Which of these I choose, in writing or in any area of life, are of my own free will. Grace abounds. Grace arrives with great fervor. And grace simply guides us.


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