Today’s Prayer to Passage will arrive from the book ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

And I pray, “Dear God, I delight in You. I’m curious, how do You delight in me? Let me count the ways.”

I concentrated on my prayer and opened the book to page 169 to find this passage:

“I filled the song with everything I wished I could teach him about life. I tried to reassure him with every line about how the world is hard and unfair sometimes, but that it’s all OK because he is so loved. He is surrounded by souls who would do anything to help him. And not only that—he has wisdom and patience of his own, buried deep inside his being, which will only reveal themselves over time and will carry him through any trial. He is a gift from God to all of us. …The little soul I wanted to help was actually helping me.”

I am filled with love. God’s love songs to us are of this variety. It is like receiving a poem! I almost need to sit with it for the day and let it sink in. I think I might start asking for these love poems again. It is a reassuring comfort to open a book to affirmation such as this; it strengthens my faith and my feelings of being loved.

Poetry is plentiful throughout the earth. We see it in nature, in people, and in animals. We see it in art, in science, and in literature. Poetry revives a tepid heart. Poetry sings to our souls, a choir of angels guiding us home. We, each and every one of us, are God’s living, breathing poem.


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