Today’s Prayer to Passage will be presented from the book ‘Healthy Brain, Happy Life’ by Wendy Suzuki.

My prayer today is, “Dear God, What of health care? Any insights?”

I concentrated on the book and opened it to the following passage:

“Have you heard people say that people won’t remember what you say, only how you made them feel? I can’t remember the exact affirmations that I said that night in class, but I do remember how I felt: totally empowered, energized, and enlivened — in a brand-new way. And I could not wait to come back for the next class.”

I believe that this experience of feeling empowered, energized, and enlivened is how so many Americans long to feel about health care. Instead, we may experience scarcity, peril, and fear. Healthcare without certainty creates cognitive dissonance and, ultimately, unhappiness. My prayer is for all Americans to have access to healthcare without question. I pray for many other things surrounding this, including the ushering in of advanced medical technology that supports a growing need for more employees in the medical community. I pray that God keeps my brain healthy for more praying, and that my prayers keep people healthy for more happiness.


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