During the next few days, I am sharing poems and song lyrics I have written in the past.

Today I’ll share a poem I wrote for my sister’s college graduation gift in around 2007. It’s titled “Dreams For Your Day”


She laid you on a pillow

Our mother’s newborn one

There had, in awe and marvel,

A sisterhood begun

So small you were, so gentle

Your slumber on my lap

I fed you in the cycle

Of nourishment to nap

You grew up and I witnessed

A young woman to whom

Imagined dreams are futures

A synergistic bloom

From infant into adult

A bond sisters infuse

With history, love, magic

As one another’s muse

And now, my friend, my darling

Before you rest your head

On an auspicious pillow

And nestle into bed

When all the world’s becoming

What it says you should be

Know soon you will be dreaming

Of things you’d rather see

Your dreams shall be your haven

A safe and mild repose

Reminding you at evening

To ward off worldly woes

Then bravely up, pursuing those dreams for life you’ll be

As day becomes your canvas

And night, a memory

So now, upon a pillow

Where all of you one slept

Lay down your head for dreaming

What day will find you’ve kept.

(aml 2007)

Until tomorrow, all my love!


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