The following conversation took place with known Clear Conduit Channel and popular “Voice of the Elohim” Pamela Aaralyn. I had the distinct honor of meeting Ms. Aaralyn via Zoom Video Confrencing on September 26, 2017. This transcription is posted “from the future”, as I had concluded my Prayer to Passage blog about two months prior. I have since added the transcribed conversation to what is meant to be my final ‘Prayer to Passage’ post, as it was a momentous occasion and celebratory event. Thank you, Pamela Aaralyn for your sincere graciousness and generosity in sharing your remarkable abilities. I am forever grateful.
—Addi Larson



CHANNEL: “Addi? My lights went completely off (soft laughter)

ADDI: (Soft giggling). “Ohhhhhh!” (More soft giggling)

CHANNEL: “I love that reaction. (laughter)

CHANNELER’S ASSISTANT: “You girls… You all have fun.”

CHANNEL: “Thanks, Jim.”

ADDI: “Thank you, Jim.” (giggling)

CHANNEL: “How are you doing?”

ADDI: “I’m well, thank you! How are you?”

CHANNEL: “I’m doing good! I was just playing with my alchemy bowls and I looked at the time and I was like, ‘Oh, crap!’” (laughter)

ADDI: “I feel so honored. I’m so excited!”

CHANNEL: “It’s nice to meet you.”

ADDI: “It’s nice to meet you! I discovered you on YouTube, I would say, maybe a year and a half ago.”

CHANNEL: “Really!? That’s a long time.”

ADDI: “Yeah, maybe a year ago? I don’t know. It seemed like serendipity synchronicity. I wasn’t searching and it was beautiful. And I’ve just been… I’ve been watching your videos. And I’m amazed by you. I love your story.”

CHANNEL: “Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. (Laughter). Aw. I love your energy. I love your high frequency. I love that you’re trusting me to be here and bring your lovely presence here today. Just thank you.”

ADDI: “It’s my honor. I feel blessed.”

CHANNEL: “Me, too. Where would you like to begin?”

ADDI: “I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.”

CHANNEL: “Good!”

ADDI: “Yeah. I actually didn’t know this was an option, and so when I discovered you, it opened a whole new world for me.”

CHANNEL: “Well it is for now. I imagine I will… I really like reading people. I prefer to do it in person, which is why it’s so herd to get a hold of me. I just prefer energy in person.”

ADDI: “Oh, sure!”

CHANNEL: “So, you’re welcome to come sit with me in my office!” (Laughter)

ADDI: “What state are you in?”

CHANNEL: “Utah.”

ADDI: “Oh, OK. Beautiful state. I’m in Minnesota.”

CHANNEL: “Oh, wow. That’s cold.”

ADDI: “Yeah, it will be soon. The main reason for my wanting to talk to you is because my 40th birthday is coming up on October 5th.”

CHANNEL: “What? You look 25.”

ADDI: (Laughter). “Thanks! I’ll get right to it, I didn’t write this part of it out, but I wrote the questions out. I figured it might be better if I just explain it freestyle. What I remember of it was the night before my 33rd birthday I was devestated by the circumstances of my life. My marriage of three years had ended with an affair on his part. ANd I moved back to Minnesota and I was in my hometown. And I had just lost my job and I had no money to pay my rent. And it was my 33rd birthday, the way I remember it, the next day, the 5th of the month. And it was the final grace period for rent being due. I had no money. I had no job. I fell asleep, from how I remember it, asking God, or saying to God, ‘Don’t allow me to wake up tomorrow.’ That was my way of saying, ‘I’m at the end of my rope.’ I wasn’t going to do anything to harm myself or anything like that, but you know. I woke up the next morning and I cried in the shower. I had been praying, prior to that, for God to use me in a way that is unique. And my relationship with God was through prayer since I was about four years old. Really kind of “Fatherly” connected, growing up in the Christian Church.”

CHANNEL: “Oh, God. Your story sounds so much like mine.” (Laughter)

ADDI: “So it was always kind of this “Father” view of God. And I always prayed to God. It wasn’t to Angels or to Jesus, Yeshua. And I had been praying for God to use me in a way that is unique. I woke up the next morning on my 33rd birthday, and I cried in the shower. And I’ve never had Clair-audience or Clair-voyance, but I feel like sometimes things come to me in thought.”

CHANNEL: “Yep. They do.” (Laughter)

ADDI: “And this message came through and seemed to be so real, probably because I wasn’t expecting it. Like, ‘Be careful what you wish for when you ask God to use you, because you never know what will show up.’
And it was, ‘I want to use you.’
And I wasn’t expecting it, and I said, ‘How?’
And this thought in my mind was, ‘Reality TV is very current in your timeline on planet Earth right now. Ask me to use you in that way.’
And I pretty much said, ‘God, You want me to be on reality TV?’ And it was kind of like a back and forth. And I could picture the TV in my head, and so I knew… I saw that vision.
And it was this energy of, ‘My darling. No. I w2ant to use your life in Heaven.’
And I instantly got it. W@hat it was. I found this energy of being asked to be used in Heaven. Heh, this sounds so crazy, and I can’t believe I’m saying this to a real person.”

CHANNEL: “Oh. I’m not a real person.” (Laughter). “Yeah, I don’t do ‘human’ very well, so it’s OK.” (Laughter)

ADDI: (laughter) “So this reality TV show in Heaven. And I didn’t know what I was saying ‘yes’ to. I only knew to say yes.” And it seemed more like a Spiritual ‘being used by God’ than an Earthly ‘being used by God’. But I had faith. And that’s my, I believe, if I have one Spiritual ability since I was four years old, it’s faith. And I just said yes. ANd I didn’t know what I was saying yes to. And then over time, synchronicities started to show up. More Spiritual things started to show up. I learned about aura colors and Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows. This higher, almost like, evolution of children being born in mass amounts right now. And I kind of forgot about the calling for about two years and just lived my life which was maybe the way it was supposed to be for the purpose of being a real, regular person on planet Earth. And then I started thinking about it two years in, or so. And started noticing that the “good” of life and the “bad” of life (read: quote, unquote), the beauty, the joy, the pain, the combination of it all was showing up not only in my life but in the people who were coming into my life. People with HIV/AIDS, cancer, Multiple Schloroscis, Parkinson’s Disease, births of children, weddings, celebrations, laughter, joy, just such this beautiful combination of so many experiences that just seemed to represent all of life. And the synchronicities really got me thinking, ‘Is this calling real?!’
Because I only ever accepted it in faith and I never reached out to anybody about it. And I feel like I had just one more thinking to sat to preface that…. And it’s now seven years in… Oh, I was told that it’s from age 33 to 40 because I ‘ve been told, Biblically, to me, from my background, 33, at the time, represented the age that Yeshua was crucified. And so I had the honor of getting to carry on that timeline of life. And I thought that was beautiful. And 40, to me, represented the number in the Bible that represents ‘physical completion’, 40. And so, I thought that was beautiful. And then as time went on, within the past two or three years or so, I began asking, ‘What is the purpose of this?’ And was
And it was kind of like, ‘Do you want Me to be really straight with you?’
And I said, ‘Yes.’
And I was told it’s to have one person make a free will choice to say, ‘Yes, you’re allowed to view me 24 hours a day, seven days a week for seven, eight year. From age 33 to 40, to inspire a higher evolution of souls to be born on planet earth at a time when we need that higher vibration. Because the higher vibration of souls might not need to come back to Earth. They don’t have any reason to. They can just stay in Heaven. They’ve already learned all the lessons.”

CHANNEL: “Yeah.”

ADDI: And so, it’s to have them say, ‘I wanna go back.’
And that higher vibration, I said, ‘Well, why do they need to be here now?’
And it came to me, really, just very plainly. The main reason is, if World War III happened, this sounds so morbid, it would be nuclear. And we need that energy of people on the planet right now to prevent that from happening.”

CHANNELER: “Absolutely. I’ve heard those same messages since around age five. That basically, our soul stream… You wanna know more about that when I say ‘our’?

ADDI: “Yeah!” (Giggling)

CHANNEL: “Have they told you about your soul stream at all? I don’t wanna just jump in and offer information that might like…”

ADDI: “No. I’m in blind faith. I just live my life in faith, so no.”

CHANNEL: “The soul stream that’s bringing in the joy and the bliss consciousness, the celebration, faith, and grace, those ar all the highest frequencies that the planet needs right now and currently does not have. You are coming in with the frequencies of faith and grace. Those are the purposes that you’re here to master and the frequencies that you’re here to impart to the human conscious collective because of the Angelic realm that you’re from. So that Angelic realm is the Elohim.”

ADDI: Really!?”

CHANNEL: “Yeah.”

ADDI: “I always wondered since I started listening to you and hearing about soul streams. The Elohim. Ohhh, that’s beautiful! OK.”

CHANNEL: “So there are many many races that the Elohim split off into. Yours came from directly from the Pleadians and the Arthurians. Mine came from the Liran Felines. So we have some similarities in terms of… but the Liran Felines, are kind of… we always meet Arturians and Pleadians because we don’t have any grounded nature in terms of getting a hold of our purpose of compassion. ‘Cause we’re just like bleeding hearts for the whole world, and if we don’t watch it we’ll be, like, crying in a mud pudddle with someone. (Laughter) So basically speaking, the Arthurian and Pleadians came through the Elohim in order to kind of meet us and join purpose with us because you guys need a lot more of to know what to do with grace. Because grace needs a lot of compassion. And we need a lot more to do with faith. Because we tend to, those of us who come through with compassion as a purpose, like me, we have a tendency to kind of like get so much into that that we lose our faith when we see hard things and we just, like, cry and we get all caught up in the empathy and then we don’t do anything to go into grace. So…” (laughter)

ADDI: “OK. Oh, I love that!”

CHANNEL: “So that’s why these soul families meet. And when we do see each other, we normally have the same reaction that you and I had. Like, we’ll start laughing or crying or hugging or dancing or something ridiculously outlandish that no one else understands.”

ADDI: (laughter)

CHANNEL: (laughter) “And people are just gonna get it because we just so much in bliss to know that the person on the other side of us ‘gets it’. That they’re that one standing there that gets it. You know. But, yeah, I think that your watchers sent you down to sort of observe you so that other beings of high frequency will wanna come back because they’re like, ‘We don’t want to. They’re killing each other down there. We don’t want to come back.’ You know?”

ADDI: “Yeah. OK. Wow.”

CHANNEL: “But there’s so much hope and faith that… There was… Oh, gosh. Of course you guys are gonna give me a scene from a movie that I haven’t watched. Maybe you have. There was a movie with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.”

ADDI: “yes!”

CHANNEL: And it was an alien movie. And like basically this alien comes in, and he’s all observing about humanity. And its like humanity’s last chance. And they basically… all the ships are landing and Tje ships are getting ready to basically just destroy humans because they basically have just given up. But here’s like this one watcher left. And it’s Keanu Reeves. And he comes down, and he meets Sandra Bullock whose purpose is compassion and acceptance. (Laughter). You know. ANd she’s like the empath. And basically, she convinces him that humanity is worth another chance. So for those of us with compassion, acceptance, and grace who have been here and been here and been here, like me, we know, the Liran Felines know that humans are with another chance. But the Keanu Reeves: The cturians and the Pleadians that are coming in, watching, they’re kind of going, ‘OK. Alright. You guys are gonna blow each other up. Soo… Imean, we’er Here, but we kinda need some help because we don’t know how to help you stop killing each other. So basically the end result of this movie wa that they were getting ready to daestroy all of the human race, lik people were just dying everywhere and they were just dying like flies and basically the extraterrestrials were getting ready to kill off the human race. And they were in this tunnel, and the human beings were coming in and they wee greeting ready to kill an=Dara Bulloc’s son. You know, that’s the Liran Feline. And se’s holding her son, and the sone is dying because whatever little entities were attacking were like all up underneath his skin. And the’yer like getting into his organs, and he’s dying. And she suddenly was like, ‘Whatever you have to do. Just save him. Just save him. She’s like, ‘Here. Take him and save him, but then kill me. Kille me but save the children of earth. Like you can kill all the adults but the children are innocent and they don’t deserve it so take me instead. And so, she offers her like. She goes up to the beings that are killing him and she ciompletely surrenders to the beings. And she looks at Keanu and was like, ‘Just save him.’ And he has compassion for her. And because he had compassion for her, he talked the other Arturians into ceasing the killing, the wiping out and the re-set of the human race. You know, because there was too much Reptilian factor going on. And basically humanity was asaved because she had proven to him that, you know, that there was enough compassion. You know? Because she mastered that purpose of surrender. So basically speaking, the purpose of surrender is what you went through. (Laughter). And when you basically have everything around you falling apart all together: Your marriage, your health, the money, the literal grind up underneath your feet is no longer yours. And you still have to have faith. And you basically just say, ‘OK. Fine. I guess kill me and death doesn’t have to be scary. I completely surrender to it.’ And it’s not negative. Like you’re not being sarcastic. You really mean it. That’s what happened to you. “

ADDI: “Totally. Yeah, and in your channeling of Yeshua this Easter when He had talked about surrender and ‘My God, my God, whay have You foresaken me?’ And the lesson of surrender that he had learned in that… and then he began his quickening… I just, that’s my favorite of all your channeling. That one. I just love it. Absolutely love it. I tried sharing it with my family. I’m still workin’ on them, so…”

CHANNEL: (laughter).

ADDI: “Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. So, I guess, forme, I had written down here… wondering if it’s possible to channel… well the first one I had written is my Higher Self. Didn’t;’t know if that was available. (Laughter)”

CHANNEL: “Always is available.”

ADDI: I would be… Self-love was the main lesson I chose to learn this past year. I didn’t even know it was possible to have your Higher Self channeled until this year. What I wrote was, ‘Messages, answers, compassionate and loving support, favor, and recognition and acknowledgement’.
I felt destroyed this past year. I had a two-year boyfriend and I finally came out to an actual human being about this. I call it ‘The Biggest Audience’. I had to call it something. This reality TV show in Heaven that I, in full faith, I just believe wholeheartedly that I’ve been on for seven years. So I called it the Biggest Audience. And I finally told my boyfriend of two years about it. And then I called him and I was talking about Archangels a little bit. And he raised his voice at me. And he broke up with me over the phone. He said, ‘I don’t believe in any of that. I don’t believe you can talk to people who are dead. And I don’t believe in God. And if you call me back, I’ll call the police.’ And so, those kinds of experiences have been happening to me even if I think about coming out of the closet about my Spiritual faith, and so, I’m afraid to. And I think that’s why I was really drawn to reaching out to you.”

CHANNEL: “We have a collective group of beings here that represent your Higher Self.”

ADDI: “Really!?”

CHANNEL: “Yeah.”

ADDI: (Laughter) “OK. Is… is that… common?”

CHANNEL: “Elohim? With Elohim, absolutely. They do that all the time. Not with everyone, but with you they do. Because… you’re on an interesting council of the Elohim. And they are responsible for the the Earth’s Ascension right now. And for wortking with Gaia very closely on that process. But you are shifting, is what they are saying. They said… Oh! They called you by one of your eight soul names.”

ADDI: “Oh. OK.”

CHANNEL: “So, they said, ‘Dear Celestia’. (Smiling exhale and quiet giggle)

ADDI: “Wow! OK.”

CHANNEL: (Channeling my Higher Self) “Every part of you is shifting rapidly at a fast and cellular level. From what was to what is. Of course things will fall away. Of course things will fall off. And you will question this statement, for you have not felt joy to the degree that you have while simultaneously being joyful in the midst of fear. You have not felt joy in the way that 3D understands joy. Your joy is happening in mille-seconds as you adjust to the new you.

Have you ever… They’re giving me a metaphor. And they’re saying, have you ever bought something that is seemingly not quite right for you in the moment, and then you discover that what you purchased was exactly what you wanted, but you didn’t realize it at the point of the purchase?

ADDI: Yeah. Yeah.

CHANNEL: It’s kind of what’s going on now. You’re finding a reference point for… I wouldn’t call it the new you. But the you that is and always was and always will be. That is love and grace and faith. And the fear, you know, the discontent of wanting something to move, to understand, to grasp onto. All of that is a part of you becoming you. So don’t worry if you don’t have a reference point.

ADDI: OK. Beautiful. Thank you!

CHANNEL: (Small giggle)

ADDI: Um… I have eleven questions.

CHANNEL: And they may jump in and interrupt from time to time, so I apologize if that happens.

ADDI: Oh that would be wonderful! (Giggle). Because the questions may be obsolete anyway. (Giggle). Um… The first one… I’ll just read so it’s easy for me because I’m a little nervous. Regarding my faith in a calling I fully believed to have received from God at the date of my 33rd birthday, October 5th, 2010… I have not, in seven years, connected with a clear conduit channel for verification and validation until now. Is the calling real? As I lovingly titled the invitation to be the human representative on planet earth in a sort of reality TV show in Heaven… Loving title, “The Biggest Audience”… I’ll clarify in asking, is the Biggest Audience calling true, real, authentic?

CHANNEL: The Biggest Audience calls in and gives permission the true Divine nature; evokes compassion in humans based upon vulnerability and authenticity and transparency. Compassion cannot occur without this. And you represent this connection. You are here to release the cellular bonds of death in humans. Do you understand us?

ADDI: Wow. The cellular bonds?

CHANNEL: They can keep going and talking about that. In other words, if you want more elaboration on what they just said…

ADDI: I would love that. Yeah.

CHANNEL: They said, um, an example we could give to you would be considering how the 3rd dimensional world views death. So, death to them is a complete obliteration to those believing that there’s nothing beyond one life. So you know, except the chance based upon what your family taught you, that there may be a Heaven or a hell based upon how innately good a person was. But what if innate goodness doesn’t have to be earned? What if the belief structure is exactly what is creating the possibility of physical death?

Thus, death to human society is something to be feared and avoided by them at all costs. And this is why you have lost so many loved ones. Not to death, but to their own ego-fears. For those of you of a more illuminating consciousness, you realize there can never be real death. So you are free of this intense fear. There my be sadness with parting but none of the terror and resistance born of ignorance. So you realize that death is a transition, but what if you realize that death is a belief that incorporates just that into human cellular nature?

The Divine idea that we’re here to share with you is the Omnipresence of Grace and Faith. You, as an expression of the Divine, always will be because your place is not of importance. Therefore, you will begin to see changes in the institutions, the politics, the governments, the law. For the consciousness of man is rapidly awakening, and you’re here for safety during that. And you are here to teach humans how to reclaim their personal powers that they ignorantly surrendered over many lifetimes based upon the thought patterns of reincarnation, which invoked the fear of death.

ADDI: Wow. (Small giggle) It’s so beautiful. It’s so poetic to listen to. I can’t believe it. Wow. I’m just mightily impressed with your ability.

CHANNEL: They’re very impressed with yours. I’ll continue if you want.


CHANNEL: For thousands of years, mankind has, for the most part, been unaware of their true Divine nature. The innate goodness that always is and that cannot be tarnished by the death genome. And thus a world of consciousness of individual powerlessness became the consensus belief. So… just remember who you are. It is time to claim your Divine sovereignty and birth rights. To claim your innate goodness, your daughtership or sonship, if you will. Being ever mindful of your frequencies. How you think, speak, and act. And with the recognition that you are a Divine creator, an ambassador for the universal laws of Grace and Faith.

ADDI: Wow (small giggle). Thank you.

CHANNEL: Your’re welcome.

ADDI: That was one of the questions that I had been thinking of earlier today. How do they want me to come out of the closet? How do they want me to be? So that was beautiful. Thank you. That answered that.

CHANNEL: Be as you are.

ADDI: Be as you are. Thank you! Does my Higher Self have any messages for me about the calling? I know, for me, because I’ve been carrying it around for seven years. It probably… for me it seems very human level. Just kind of a cartoon explanation of how I’ve perceived it to be. Um, just the way that I’ve perceived it is that… Like let’s just say, um, television. Like let’s just keep it simple. Let’s just say television is available in Heaven. I’m keeping it so simple. And I apologize for that. And if I offered, by free-will choice to be a representative of a regular life… Um… is that… Is it… Am I not… Did I not receive it the way it felt it was presented to me? As an offering of being used by God?

CHANNEL: Why do you question that you are not receiving it in this manner?

ADDI: Um… I’ve never… I’ve always wondered if what I’m saying “yes” to is actually taking place.

CHANNEL: It is. You are here as a volunteer and ambassador. And we must observe you, during these earth changes, for activating the lay lines of Earth and for activating these dormant, suppressed DNA and bringing humans into their innate goodness and true, Divine nature. The changes that are going on are beyond the perception many of the volunteers who are in human bodies right now. But your higher dimensional expression of your self is fully aware. And she is slowly and safely transmitting that information to us, and We to her. So from our higher perspective we can perceive what is helpful for you to know and what would confuse your already complicated third dimensional life. But we do remind you that all of the information that you need is available if you inquire and understand the Mastery that can occur through inquiry. Um… all we need you to do in this role is to expand your awareness, to consciously expand your higher dimensions of self, then you can merely download the information you need into your multi-dimensional mind. And we say your multi-dimensional mind because that mind is like a translating device for enlightenment, which messages will come to you through us. And this is the strongest decree of your healing, and the energy that is coming through. And those downloads will be translated to other humans, which lifts the frequencies of Earth.

ADDI: Wow.

CHANNEL: So basically these light-language messages are ones that arise in the 5th dimension and beyond.

ADDI: OK. Light language messages?



CHANNEL: And when you, meaning your higher dimensional expressions, observe that the you who is wearing the “earth suit” is ready to receive that information, a light language transmission will come into your multi-dimensional mind. So when that message is sent through your multi-dimensional mind, it waits for your 3rd dimensional mind to expand into the higher 4th and 5th dimensions so that you can receive that transmissions. And in that process of translation that occurs within your reception of light-language, um as it… It will come, but it’s not based on sequential time. You will need to maintain a very high frequency in order to expand your consciousness into the higher brainwaves so that you can remain connected in all realms, having your 3D consciousness connected to your higher higher realms of your multi-dimensional self.

ADDI: Thank you.


ADDI: Thank you (soft giggle) Um… I’m really just reading… Um… Do any Archangels have any loving and supporting messages?

CHANNEL: We have someone here. I’m trying to figure out who that is, because I’m not familiar with this one very much. Who are you? Oh gosh. Oh! We have Hilarion. This is not an Archangel. This is an Ascended Master. Are you familiar with that one?

ADDI: No. (Small sigh)

CHANNEL: OK. Well, I guess we can research later, because I’m not very familiar either.

ADDI: I apologize. (Small laughter) I apologize for that.

CHANNEL: No, no. No apologies. It’s OK. I’m learning. He says there are a lot of signs. There are a lot of synchronicities everywhere that these changes are taking place. You’re observing these synchronicities. And these changes are diverse. So the Earth changes reflect the changes with humanity. And humanity is striving to cope, to understand what’s occurring. You are here to master duality by embracing all aspects of your being. So as you let go of resistance and denials of hidden aspects of yourself, if you release shame, realize that everything that happens is good, whether perceived as good or bad, right or wrong. It is all given to you in love so that you can hone yourself into a Master of this realm. To reclaim your Divine birthright. Keep this in your thoughts. Move forward when you must. Rest. Nurture your physical body for your physical body is definitely promoting this rest. And as you attune to greater rhythms of life, all will be easier.

ADDI: Thank you.

CHANNEL: Oh! He’s saying it gets easier. That might be good.

ADDI: Um… And I apologize. I’m just reading here, so you don’t have to answer the questions. I don’t want you to work. I can’t imagine how much work it takes to do what you do, Pamela. (soft giggle) The energy that that takes. Umm… Do any other loving and devoted spirits and/or spirit guides or angels beyond the vail have any loving and supportive messages? If so, what?

CHANNEL: Mhmm. Mhmm. It’s Uriel? Archangel Uriel?

ADDI: Yeah.

CHANNEL: Umm, She says there seems to be a lot of energy field surrounding people in your life. So just keep in mind that because the frequencies of higher dimensions respond different;y and feel unusual, the human conscious collective are reacting to fear of the unknown. What is unique about you is you are releasing your fears the unknown. So you’re becoming more aware of energies and many times of great change. And while you can be affected by what’s in the quantum human conscious collective field, you have taken it to be your Divine duty to do what you can to change consciousness so that humans are not at the affects of the Reptilian nature in the world around them. So, this will not only change their experience, your experience; it will bring more unconditionality of Love into the hearts of others and into the universal heartbeat of consciousness. And then they will be radiating those higher frequencies of Agape.

ADDI: Wow.

CHANNEL: So, the new dimensions that are open to you now respond to this love as well as the beauty that it brings into your life. So you can have access to these new fields of Divine consciousness that are profoundly uplifting, causing great bliss consciousness and joy, and can change your life in ways that you really didn’t know would be possible. But all had to fall away first. Because you are moving into these expanded fields. So all that did not harmonize with your new vibrational frequency came into your awareness and started to fall away. So this is a sign of tremendous Spiritual growth and progress. This is not a back-sliding. You did not fail. Remember this is just energy. And you’re cleansing your field of the old energy patterns that no longer support you. And you may have felt alone but you are not.

ADDI: Hmm. Wow. (Short giggle) Thank you! This is such a, I mean it’s an unbelievable experience. I almost can’t believe it really happening. (small giggle) Thank you so much. Umm…And then…. It’s seven years that I’ve been holding onto this so I hope this is the last. I mean I had a lot of questions about this since I carried it around for seven years. Um…in regards to any of that being a calling… And you can just say, umm there’s really nothing there if there’s nothing there. But, um , is anybody (small giggle) able to confirm if it’s to end on my 40th Birthday or last thorough my 40th birthday and into my 41st birthday?

CHANNEL: You will expand into a new pattern; that of grace. At which point, at age 40, you complete the mastery of faith and head into the energy and frequency of grace and you will learn this and transmit this and teach this. This could be 20 years.

ADDI: Wow. OK. Thank you.

CHANNEL: You’re getting that message from a Pleadean being known as “Lyvie” or Lyvia. And its “L-Y-V-I-A.”

ADDI: Thank you Lyvia. I’m amazed. I’m amazed. I love the vibration of grace.

CHANNEL: She’s still talking if you want more to come through?

ADDI: Yeah. OK!

CHANNEL: She said we see as we converse with you… um… upon your capacity to create your experience as a manifestor through your intentional use of your focus, you are starting to relate to your life with an increasing sense of curiosity and he frequency of wonder. This will be highly beneficial for you as a manifesto of this purpose. Wonder is a beneficial perspective to have towards this. Because it opens up your sense of magical possibility to the creation what humans call “the miracle”. So you are already starting to consider that you might be able to accomplish things that you haven’t thought of before. And that might be a really nice thought to have now. So hold that now for a moment and allow yourself to consider that you could what you could actually accomplish is a state of thriving that you never before considered. In other words, please do not box yourself in. Wonder holds no walls. Allow yourself to think that thought right now. “I might be capable of accomplishing a state of thriving and well-being that I’ve never before considered possible.” Do you wonder if that’s true? Because if you can say yes, that’s all it takes for it to become true. In that moment, this is the key to instant manifestation. This is your sixth dimensional realm of possibility. So, please allow yourself to consider that everything about your embodiment is capable.

ADDI:. Wow. Thank you so much. (Small laughter). I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Besides you, Pamela. Thank you.

CHANNEL: You’re welcome.

ADDI: OK. 5:23. Um, let’s see here. Wonderful. Um, let’s see here. Do I have God’s blessing, Heaven’s blessing, and more to, um, quote unquote “come out of the closet” to the public about my spiritual experiences and introspections surrounding my perspective of faith in my experiences that have happened?

CHANNEL: We still have Lyvia. And she’s saying yes.


CHANNEL: And she says, “Remember that you are capable. Remember that the cells in your body come about because there is an energy template that the Elohim have placed within your body. The energy of all that you are and the energy even of the planet that it’s on. All of this gets projected into that energy pattern and it becomes what you know as your form. So, there’s a pattern, a celestial pattern. That gives rise to your physical. And this pattern within your body is intelligent, coherent, and perfect for this purpose. So of course, how could you not be blessed? It is within your DNA. Energy from all that you are, and from the planet, and from the support of Gia, is continually flowing into your energy patterns. And your DNA. And that pattern manifests your form. That pattern isn’t broken. There is nothing wrong with that pattern. That pattern is perfection. And being that that pattern is perfection, it’s because of that pattern, which cannot be broken, that your body is innately resilient.

ADDI: Wow. Thank you so much. That was beautiful. I’m just beside myself. I apologize. (Small laughter) Beautiful experience! Thank you! (small giggle) Um, I’ll get specific and I’ll be really quick about these because I have some creative venture ideas, so I apologize if it sounds business- and ego-driven. I don’t mean it to come across that way at all. It’s just that I feel like I’m moving into a new stage of my life. This nine to five where I’m at right now, I’ve had so many creative ideas for such a long time. I feel like it’s time to bring them out. Um, so, my questions are: May I speak… And she talked about not putting myself in a box… but may I speak publicly in creative forums such as YouTube, television, flim, blogs, books, music, paintings, and other artwork and so on?

CHANNEL: You are mastering the third dimensional physicality by bringing in fifth, sixth, and eleventh dimensional frequencies into the third dimension for the mastery of physicality. Therefore, you must operate within the paradigms and within the boxes that are given to you before you can say that there is no box because people still… They’re asking me to pick up my phone… They say people still have a box.

ADDI: (Small laughter) Oh! Yes!

CHANNEL: They’re going like this at my hand. (small laughter) I like my phone! Hey! (Laughter)

ADDI: It’s everywhere with me now. Ten years ago, no. Um, OK. I understood that. Thank you. I love that. That’s beautiful. Let’s see here, Can any… I just can’t believe I’m saying this. My Higher Self, Archangels, God Source, Yeshua, any other loving and devoted spirits beyond the veil offer suggestions, because I know I still have free will. As to which of the following creative projects I might benefit from career-wisw, service to humanity wise, and monetary earnings-wise? The first: my blog, prayertopassage, which I’m planning to turn into a book.

CHANNEL: What’s it called again?

ADDI: Prayer to passage.


ADDI: It’s over 700 posts. It was a two-year daily blog that completed this past July.

CHANNEL: That’s gonna be a good foundation for people to know you is what… you have Sananda who’s talking now. What else?

ADDI: Am I to work with Wendy Keller? She was a sort of publicist for Jack Canfeild, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. I received a couple of emails from her. THat was about, I don’t know, three years ago or more.

CHANNEL: There is extreme difficulty in who she chooses to take up on with working with. And we have Lyvia and she says it might be good to go with someone else and then come back to her later.

ADDI: OK. Wonderful. Amazing.

CHANNEL: Yeah, She could be helpful later.

ADDI: OK. Wonderful. I’ll just sail through these. I was thinking it would be really fun to pursue making a documentary film between ages 40 and 41 about the Biggest Audience calling. I expected that it was going to be expanded into this eloquent… not as simple as I have always viewed it. Should I still pursue documentary film right now at this very… between now and my birthday? October 5th?

CHANNEL: No, but as you expand your gifts further and work with the universal consciousness, you will begin to remember more of who you are. You have Sananda again.


CHANNEL: Not a concern. So please do not get our actions out of order because if there are alignments in your goal, and steps, this will come in its appropriate way and its appropriate time. So, you’re receiving more answers. You’re emerging more confident. It’s not time for the film.

ADDI: Good to know. I appreciate that a lot. (Small laughter)I feel it’s less searching in the dark on that. There’s a wsebsite that I had in mind, praymom.com. A prayer community for mothers and women. To pray with and for each other. Right now it’s only a Facebook community page. Anything with that? Praymom.com?

CHANNEL: Sananda says it puts a new definition to prayer. It becomes a foundation for which, upon which people can stand and they get to know your energy a lot better. So there are many many wonderful reasons to keep it. It is going to shift and change significantly.

ADDI: Really?


ADDI: I don’t know. Maybe not for the better. I don’t know.

CHANNEL: It is for the better, because prayer becomes manifestation. And you begin to teach instant manefestation. This is sixth dimensional in nature. No one teaches instant manefestation based upon the universal laws of grace.

ADDI: Got it. Wow. That’s beautiful. Thank you for qualifying, clarifying that.


ADDI: OK. Um, there is this movement that I… It’s a working title: The New Indulgence of the Church. Where churches partner around the world and open up the churches to be safe havens for the homeless. Maybe with the United Nations.

CHANNEL: OK. They just stopped talking.

ADDI: I apologize for bringing up Church.

CHANNEL: It probably is because it goes in such a different direction. When it gets involed, normally the guides just sort of drop off.

ADDI: That’s why I called it The New Indulgence of the Church because indulgences to build the churches back in Martin Luther’s day. And indulgences with the priests, you know. And then I kind of did it as a little cheeky title.

CHANNEL: Churches are not ready. And there’s still a heirarchy. You have Seripus Bay. And he said there’s too much of a governmental wall and heirarchy. And those with the power over love to keep their congregations being in power, under. So maybe not one, it’s not one that can be… Humanity is not ready quite yet.

ADDI: Understood. Yes. Um… A Clean Earth? And invention idea that I have to get all of the garbage out of the oceans and the landfills?

CHANNEL: Mhmm. You need to get the proper support. And of course the idea is beautiful, but the support is not coming from churches or governments or non-profits unless they are smaller non-profits who pair together.

ADDI: OK. Wonderful. Thank you. Um, I’ll just skip because I know we’re running out of time. I just reached out to Asgeir Trausti, a musician. Should I reach out to him again? I’m a song writer.

CHANNEL: Yeah. Try again in six to seven weeks is what Sananda is saying.

ADDI: OK. Thank you.

CHANNEL: Anything with oil paintings? I feel like that just came into my thought patterns within the past two to three months. And I wasn’t looking for that. But any messages about me creating oil paintings? Rainbow colors on large canvas?

CHANNEL: Mhmm. They are frequency paintings. It will lift the frequency of the person who looks at it.


CHANNEL: So it’s more than just painting.

ADDI: Wonderful. And I’m planning to launch a YouTube channel this October. Um, I kind of wanted to focus on launching my blog, coming out of the closet about my spiritual stuff. Any other ideas with that? The YouTube channel?

CHANNEL: You have Uriel. And she says, “If you stay within your transperancy and vulnerability, people will hear you see you, and feel you. It’s hard to get their attention. Do it with your authenticity.”

ADDI: Awesome. Thank you. I love that. And lastly, any romance, love, in my near future? Marriage?

CHANNEL: Yes for romance and love. You may be tentative about marriage, and the person will patiently wait. That’s from Michael.

ADDI: Oh! (small giggle)

CHANNEL: Small giggle.

Thank you.

CHANNEL: You’re welcome.

ADDI: I’m so deeply and eternally grateful, Pamela. I can’t believe this actually really happened. (Small giggle)

CHANNEL: You’re welcome. Come back any time, Addi. But I’m not sure you’ll need it. But if you ever do, I’m here.

ADDI: Thank you. I love you. Have a wonderful day.

CHANNEL: I love you too. Bye.

ADDI: Bye.


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