Today’s Prayer to Passage will continue within “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell. This month’s spiritual journey within these texts will be taking place between July 1 – July 27, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, I am flustered when I feel that I am taking a step back where momentum in daily living is involved. As I have only returned two weeks ago from a highly momentous global travel spree of independence, love, and delight, I am eight days back into my M-F 9-5 job, and… well… that’ssssss abouuuuuut iiiiiit. That is mightily Debbie Downer, which I rarely admit of my own life, as I work diligently to create my life as an “I’m a character played by Audrey Hepburn in one of her varying idyllic roles” sort of way. Life doesn’t feel like a dramatic climax lately. And I certainly don’t feel like a Hollywood darling.

If I can muster up the strength to plod through these next few weeks of summer, I can feel that I am on the leading edge of something. I can feel a creative climax concoction brewing. I can feel that a launch is just around the corner. Leading edge of a cliff? No. Leading edge of mastery. A concoction of poison? Nope. Brilliance. Launching into Universe, we have a problem,? Nuh-uh! Launching into the destiny that I was born to attend. And for this, I am so completely living within gratitude. Amen.”

“The image that comes to mind is a boxing ring. There are times when…you just want that bell to ring, but you’re the one who’s losing. The one who’s winning doesn’t have that feeling. Do you have the energy and strength to face life? Life can ask more of you than you are willing to give. And then you say, ‘Life is not something that should have been. I’m not going to play the game. I’m going to meditate. I’m going to call “out”.’

There are three positions possible. One is the up-to-it, and facing the game and playing through. The second is saying, Absolutely not. I don’t want to stay in this dogfight. That’s the absolute out. The third position is the one that says, This is mixed of good and evil. I’m on the side of the good. I accept the world with corrections. And may [the world] be the way I like it. And it’s good for me and my friends. There are only the three positions.”

(Response to follow.)


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