Today’s Prayer to Passage continues within “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell. This month’s spiritual devotion within these texts will be taking place between July 1 – July 27, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, As I have seen and experienced manifestation take place in my immediate timeframe (timeframe as we, humans, are aware of time in a linear fashion here on planet earth), what is about to swiftly manifest in my life this month? Amen.”

“The ego is as you think of yourself. You in relation to all the commitments of your life, as you understand them. The self is the whole range of possibilities that you’ve never even thought of. And you’re stuck with your past when you’re stuck with the ego. Because if all you know about yourself is what you found out about yourself, well, that already happened. The self is a
whole field of potentialities to come through.”

Ahhh. I don’t think I need to entertain this passage, as a response to my respective prayer, with much of a response. I have a healthy working relationship with my ego. We go way back. And we have become intimate friends over the course of the “Biggest Audience” years. And that… is all… I … am going… to say… about… that!


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