Today’s Prayer to Passage continues within “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell. This month’s spiritual devotion within these texts will be taking place between July 1 – July 27, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, It is amazing how much I speak aloud to The Biggest Audience. I did not expect to become so involved in this calling on a communicative, participatory level when I accepted the calling on my 33rd birthday in 2010. And now I am expressing all manner of emotions conceivable. Sarcasm and feisty upset seem to be the most common. I mean, if I am representing the frustrations of human life on a daily level, there is absolutely no need for me to be putting on airs and displaying false niceties when all I really want to do is vent my anger about a personal situation to the Heavens. Don’t we all want to do that at some point in a given day, week, or month?

I grant that I have had long successions of peace and contentedness on a grand spiritual level. There was my period of “awakening” and “ascension” last summer and autumn. And that carried me into the winter of longing for love… and into this past spring of a love affair European adventure that was meant to be a solo journey. I do become upset surrounding things not moving quickly enough, or not as smoothly as I had planned, or not at all. And I do certainly voice these frustrations out loud… and loudly! Some would say that I yell. I do all that I can to not shake my fist at the sky. Talk about sensationalism.

Yet really, it’s not sensationalist at all. It’s authentic. And I think I agreed to offer something of my life that is abundant with authenticity. That is, after all, my life’s fullest intention. Thank You for allowing me to excavate my authentic self throughout all of this. I hope that my emotions are received as highly intruiging and gorgeously human. That is how I am here to represent. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“The first function of mythology is showing everything as a metaphor to transcendence.”

(Response to follow.)


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