Today’s Prayer to Passage continues within the ancient scriptures of the Nag Hamadi.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Now that I am ‘home’, concentration needs to set back in. And… what’s next? Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:


Now, the twelve students were all sitting together, recalling what the savior had said to each of them, whether in a hidden or an open manner, and organizing it in books. I was writing what is in my book. Look, the savior appeared, after he had left us, while we were watching for him.

Five hundred fifty days after he rose from the dead, we said to him, “Did you depart and leave us?”

Jesus said, “No, but I shall return to the place from which I came. If you want to come with me, come.”

They all answered and said, “If you order us, we shall come.”

He said, “I tell you the truth, no one will ever enter the kingdom of heaven because I ordered it, but rather because you yourselves are filled. Leave James and Peter to me that I may fill them.”

When he called the two of them, he took them aside and commanded the rest to keep doing what they were doing.

The savior said, “You have been treated kindly,

…have not understood.

Do you not want to be filled?

Your hearts are drunk.

Do you not want to be sober?

You ought to be ashamed.

“From now on, awake or asleep, remember that you have seen the human son and have spoken with him and have listened to him.

“Shame on those who have seen the human son.

“Blessings will be on you who have not seen him, or associated with him, or spoken with him, or listened to anything from him. Yours is life.

“Understand that he healed you when you were sick, that you might reign.

“Shame on those who have found relief from their sickness, for they will relapse into sickness.

“Blessings on you who have not been sick, and have known relief before getting sick. The kingdom of god is yours.

“So I tell you: Be filled and leave no space in you empty, or he who is coming will mock you.””

It is time for my Self to ensure that I AM filled. I am to step into the United States human conscious collective and produce the order of the day: becoming filled with Heaven. If I can accomplish this by my 40th birthday, I will resume as I had planned before I was born into this Earthly lifetime. I may continue the unfolding of a story, the fulfilling of a promise to my Self (Higher Self). I am to become fully prepared to come out of the closet about my Spiritual experience. Coming out of the closet seems to never be easy. And coming out of the closet about a calling from God of this magnitude is one for which I must be fully prepared. I must be filled. And so, now I venture back into these States United, searching for unity. Unity among the people. Unity among myself and my Self. Unity among myself and God. Unity among myself and Heaven. I concentrate on Love. And I find my Self… in the Kingdom of God… Filled. My cup runneth over. Amen.


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