Today’s Prayer to Passage continues within “The Rig Veda”. This month’s spiritual devotion to these ancient Sanskrit writings will take place between May 1 – May 31, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, My definition of ‘logic’ is far from mainstream, and in my connection to logic as ‘my truth’, I seek it naturally. However, by the mainstream definition of ‘logic’, I am typically utterly illogical. And I resonate ith the power of one’s ‘choice’. I do not consider myself morally righteous. This would imply duality. There is a distinction between a. Morality and b. Integrity. I resonate with integrity; ‘I am my word.’ Integrity means keeping one’s word, and if unable to keep one’s word, honoring one’s word by restoring integrity through communication.

And I believe that unity is humanity’s ultimate authentic Love goal. I believe that it is our human right to claim ownership of our bodies and minds as free persons who make their own decisions. I resonate with the excitement of being on planet earth at this time in human history because of the unique opportunity for growth through earth’s infinite connection to free will. Free will is what makes planet earth such a noble and unique place to visit. Each and every human being has free will.

‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’ —MAHATMA GANDHI

The existence of pre-mortal (spiritual/karmic) contracts offers that, prior to birth, we not only choose our parents… we also agree to many of the people and choices we come into each lifetime to meet. When we make ‘immoral’ choices, even if it is not karmic will, it is free will. And soul growth and expansion results.

Again, I resonate with a distinction of integrity, which is a way of being and doing in which one is one’s word; ‘who I am is who I say I am.’ As children are inherently loving, once children become capable of of being connected to the earthly vibration of free will, it would be honoring one’s word to return to that inherent love and ‘goodness’ we had as children. In this sense, if we are going to collapse ‘morality’ with ‘integrity’ — which I do no recommend, but humans create though language so I’ll allow it — without integrity, nothing works. And free will is a third dimensional vibration.

Human beings create through language. One person’s ‘abomination’ is another person’s same-sex spouse. Laws change. Freedom with unity-consciousness is humanity’s ultimate goal. I do not celebrate patriotism. Fireworks are pretty & enjoyable to watch any day of the year. To me, fireworks represent ‘burning bright enough to pull apart the dark and catch God’s eye’ (from the song ‘In the Embers’ by artist Sleeping At Last). Many ‘lightworkers’, including those from the 1969 Woodstock era, and especially these current youth — ages birth to around age 40 — are definitely ‘burning bright enough to pull apart the darkness and catch God’s eye’. This is what I celebrate. Go, lightworkers, go! Love, peace, unity-consciousness, and true freedom for all. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“HYMN XLVI. Indra.

1. OF thee, the Bull, the Warrior, Sovran Ruler, joyous and fierce, ancient and ever youthful,
The undecaying One who wields the thunder, renowned and great, great are the exploits, Indra.
2 Great art thou, Mighty Lord, through manly vigour, O fierce One, gathering spoil, subduing others,
Thyself alone the universe’s Sovran: so send forth men to combat and to rest them.
3 He hath surpassed all measure in his brightness, yea, and the Gods, for none may be his equal.
Impetuous Indra in his might cxccedcth wide vast mid-air and heaven and earth together.
4 To Indra, even as rivers to the ocean, flow forth from days of old the Soma juices;
To him wide deep and mighty from his birth-time, the well of holy thoughts, aIl-comprehending.
5 The Soma, Indra, which the earth and heaven bear for thee as a mother bears her infant,
This they send forth to thee, this, vigorous Hero! Adhvaryus purify for thee to drink of.”

One of the joys of communication is the freedom within which to create. Ontology of creativity is to express one’s self with an essence of inspiration. I am inspired and I inspire. I am loved and I love. I receive peace and I make peace. I am harmony.


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