Today’s Prayer to Passage continues within “The Rig Veda”. This month’s spiritual devotion to these Sanskrit texts will take place within May 1 – May 31, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Today was a remarkable day of growth and learning. In meditation, I reconnected to my Divine Sacred Feminine Self. I awoke from a dream early this morning and the first words that came to mind were, ‘I am the source of all creation.’ I did not understand why these words came to me. I have not stated this before. I have not resonated with this in such a succinct way before. And approximately one hour passed before I recalled what I had prayed about last night before sleep. Also something I have not consciously stated, I prayed that I would visit my Akashic Records — all my past, present, and future lives — during my evening of sleep. I felt as though this was a tall order, yet I also felt fully ready to accept this adventure of the metaphysical consciousness. It was that one hour upon awakening that I connected my open thoughts for the day to my evening request before sleep last night. ‘I am the source of all creation.’ I do not know what I discovered or what I learned if I did indeed visit my Akashic Records, yet I like to believe it was empowering as it now seems. That’s what I call an awakening! Thank You for this. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“HYMN LXII. Indra.

1. LIKE Aṅgiras a gladdening laud we ponder to him who loveth song, exceeding mighty.
Let us sing glory to the far-famed Hero who must be praised with fair hymns by the singer.
2 Unto the great bring ye great adoration, a chant with praise to him exceeding mighty,
Through whom our sires, Aṅgirases, singing praises and knowing well the places, found the cattle.
3 When Indra and the Aṅgirases desired it, Saramā found provision for her offspring.
Bṛhaspati cleft the mountain, found the cattle: the heroes shouted with the kine in triumph.
4 Mid shout, loud shout, and roar, with the Navagvas, seven singers, hast thou, heavenly, rent the mountain;
Thou hast, with speeders, with Daśagvas, Indra, Śakra, with thunder rent obstructive Vala.
5 Praised by Aṅgirases, thou, foe-destroyer, hast, with the Dawn, Sun, rays, dispelled the darkness.
Thou Indra, hast spread out the earth’s high ridges, and firmly fixed the region under heaven.
6 This is the deed most worthy of all honour, the fairest marvel of the Wonder-Worker,
That, nigh where heaven bends down, he made four rivers flow full with waves that carry down sweet water.
7 Unwearied, won with lauding hymns, he parted of old the ancient Pair, united ever.
In highest sky like Bhaga, he the doer of marvels set both Dames and earth and heaven.
8 Still born afresh, young Dames, each in her manner, unlike in hue, the Pair in alternation
Round heaven and earth from ancient time have travelled, Night with her dark limbs, Dawn with limbs of splendour.
9 Rich in good actions, skilled in operation, the Son with might maintains his perfect friendship.
Thou in the raw cows, black of hue or ruddy, storest the ripe milk glossy white in colour.
10 Their paths, of old connected, rest uninjured; they with great might preserve the immortal statutes.
For many thousand holy works the Sisters wait on the haughty Lord like wives and matrons.
11 Thoughts ancient, seeking wealth, with adoration, with newest lauds have sped to thee, O Mighty.
As yearning wives cleave to their yearning husband, so cleave our hymns to thee, O Lord most potent.
12 Strong God, the riches which thy hands have holden from days of old have perished not nor wasted.
Splendid art thou, O Indra, wise, unbending: strengthen us with might, O Lord of Power.
13 O mighty Indra, Gotama’s son Nodhas hath fashioned this new prayer to thee Eternal,
Sure leader, yoker of the Tawny Coursers. May he, enriched with prayer, come soon and early.”

The contemplation that continually arises is one that I accept fully. Life is now turning to a simple season. Throughout this 11 Pinnacle in Numerology, there has been much depth for me. As this 11 Pinnacle is drawing to a season of energy toward my next Pinnacle within the number 8, I feel a transformation out of depth. From depth, I enter simply being. And there is fun and adventure arising. Throughout all of this depth, I am now ready for the simple fun and adventure. I am ready to see the depth for its own sense of value.


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