Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “A Course in Miracles” by Helen Schucman. This month, January 2017, I am spending each day with this glorious book. Very exciting!

Today I pray, “Dear God, How am I to bring this communication out to the audible world? I know that I am to be certain of my ‘launch’ in coming out about my calling from You. I know that I can no longer ignore my miracles. I know that I am to develop expansive sharing on a worldwide scale. I know that this will be done by bringing about this communication to the Internet via YouTube. I know that the modernity of all of this mirrors the modernity of You and Your Divine Will. What more am I to know before my upcoming YouTube launch? Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“In the Holy instant, you will see the smile of Heaven shining upon both you and your brother. And you will shine upon him, in glad acknowledgement of the grace that has been given you. For sin will not prevail against a union Heaven has smiled upon. Your perception was healed in the holy instant Heaven gave you. Forget what you have seen, and raise your eyes in faith to what you now can see. The barriers to Heaven will disappear before your holy sight, for you who were sightless have been given vision, and you can see. Look not for what has been removed, but for the glory that has been restored for you to see.

Look upon your Redeemer, and behold what He would show you in your brother, and let not sin arise again to blind your eyes. For sin would keep you separate from him, But your Redeemer would have you look upon your brother as yourself. Your relationship is now a temple of healing; a place where all the weary ones can come and rest. Here is the rest that waits for all, after the journey. And it is brought nearer to all by your relationship.”

I am in union with a childhood friend. And I am in deepest gratitude for the Divine Blessing that has arrived in an instant as Heaven smiles upon this union. The friend with whom I am uniting was my first crush in middle school. There is illumination in this blessing of union with my childhood friend. We have a darling novelty astrological compatibility chart with zero negative aspects, which I have never seen before in my experience of looking at hundreds of compatibility charts. Because we are so distinctly compatible, because of the timing of this union, and because this is the first month of a new nine-year cycle (oh, and because we are each others’ first childhood crushes — how cute!?!) this is absolutely delightful to me.

Together, we are unstoppable! Heaven is smiling, the barriers are disappearing, and this union is significantly blessed. I see joint housing and finances, increased status, world travel, and forward movement in career and status. I see love. I see energy, drive, and passion. And I cannot even believe my luck, though of course, I do!


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