Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “The World’s Religions” by Huston Smith.

Today I pray, “Dear God, It’s OK. We’re working on it. It’s tough somedays, and the fight is strong — in both unity and separation. It is reverence that I love. And unity. And hope. Hope reveres unity. And unity reveres hope. Thank You for this. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“Institutions are not pretty. Show me a pretty government. Healing is wonderful, but the American Medical Association? Learning is wonderful, but universities? The same is true for religion… religion is institutionalized spirituality.

This is a time of purification. And in the new year, 2017, I am looking forward to a new beginnings energy. This is a time of unity, and this theme spans decades. It is at a heightened spiritual energy now. I can feel it. Can you? It is soon time to move! New energy, new growth, new environment, new relationships, new learning… It is an exiting time! Adventure all around!


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