Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “Housekeeping” by Marilynne Robinson.

Today I pray, “Dear God, One month ago today, I put forth, into the universe, that I wanted to live in a homeless shelter for a period of time as a human experiment. I wanted to try homelessness on for size until it took form within me — to a turning point, to a place of beginning for what’s possible there among the “problem” that is homelessness in our world.

I wanted to live in a homeless shelter and write about the experience. I put it out into the universe one month ago today, waiting to see what would show up. I wanted to see how others would treat me. How others would occur for themselves. How I would occur for others in the space of that world.

And I received your blessing of placement into this social experiment. Ten fold. I received it with my family, my loved ones, my local community, my work community, and my friends. Their homes became my homeless shelters.

I was resented, pushed out, turned away, locked out, forgotten, ignored, hated, denied, overruled, judged, mistreated, slandered, resented again, and gossiped about.

And by a small group of people, I was invited, accepted, loved, adored, cared for, cherished, welcomed, blessed, thanked, acknowledged, honored, and appreciated.

This was my homeless social experiment. Only nobody knew I was doing it as an experiment; especially me. Until today. It was today, exactly one month since I became homeless, when I realized that this has been the experiment all along.

This all brings me to a social and civil movement I have been divinely inspired to start. The movement is a world movement that I have aptly named, as a working title of course, ‘THE NEW INDULGENCE OF THE CHURCH’.

As church buildings arose around the world, travelers and residents entered the cities and towns where these buildings and cathedrals stood. The foundations of these buildings, at the inception of church buildings and cathedrals (we are talking centuries ago, so don’t go getting your bees in a bunch thinking I am denigrating those within the past century whom have planted churches only from a space of love and commitment) has been a foundation of “INDULGENCES”, penance. Monetary offerings. Martin Luther had a big problem with this in the realm of the Catholic Church. Buying one’s way into Heaven, purchasing one’s way out of what was referred to as Purgatory was certainly one way to fund large buildings that had people looking up, literally, when they stepped into town.

Today, thanks to Martin Luther and other brave dissenters, INDULGENCES have become a thing of the past. …And then came the sexual abuse scandal. A new INDULGENCE of the Church. Let’s be straight and let’s be real. This really happened. Now is the time to create THE NEW INDULGENCE OF THE CHURCH.

Church buildings all over the world are greatly utilized for what they are utilized. And this is not about that. Congratulations, churches. And good job. I’d like to focus on what they are NOT utilized for, and ask why they sit empty — these large buildings — the majority of hours in a 168-hour week. Especially in the middle of the night.

THE NEW INDULGENCE OF THE CHURCH is a movement of all churches around the world, partnering with The United Nations, to open their doors to all people, as homeless communities. And for the Christian members, being tested to see how Christian they REALLY are. The members of these churches worship on Sundays, Saturday evenings in many places, and holidays. The rest of the time, the members of these churches show up to the buildings to help a human being find their way home. Job searching, bathing, feeding, clothing, counseling, healing, loving, encouraging, and building up from a foundation of LOVE. And I invite the members of these churches to consider that they are receiving a greater lesson and a greater blessing in what they are learning about their capacity for generosity than the person who is looking for a home. Generosity doesn’t have an expiration date. There is no deadline. They will leave when they are ready to leave. How much do you want to CONTRIBUTE to them, not RESENT them??

I will talk more about all of this at a future date. I only wanted to revisit ‘THE NEW INDULGENCE OF THE CHURCH’, as it fits yesterday’s post of my invention idea, ‘A CLEAN EARTH’.

Thank You, God, for these Divinely inspired ideas. I love You everly. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“It was a source of both terror and comfort to me then that I often seemed invisible — incompletely and minimally existent, in fact. It seemed to me that I made no impact on the world, and that in exchange I was privileged to watch it unawares.”

This is exactly how it feels. If you know anything about my calling from God, you know by now that my entire life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is being viewed by the populous of spirits in Heaven. This is every human being who has ever lived on planet earth (with the exception of those who are back, here, on planet earth at this time). It is something I cannot comprehend. So… I don’t. I don’t reeeeeeally think about it, because to really think about it would be to talk about it to others, and I prefer this medium of communication. For now. I will write about my calling from God amid all of these prayers and passages. This is all moving toward, in the direction of, being published in book form. And I am completely satisfied with this.

I am privileged to watch it unawares. And all of the spirits in Heaven are privileged to watch it, too. What a shocking calling. One I could not have expected when I asked of God in 2010, “God, Please use me. Use my life for a purpose under Heaven.”
I had no idea God would take my request literally.

Along with this calling from God, which began on my 33rd Birthday in 2010, has been a host of other gifts and abilities. These abilities and gifts include prophetic dreams, intercessory prayer (praying on the behalf of others), and creative solutions that happen to seem a bit outside the box. My invention and solution ideas only seem outside the box by stodgy, dogmatic, old schools of thinking because it is brilliant to think with that much possibility, and most people have no idea what do do with brilliance — much less integrate it into lightbulb moments of actualization opportunities.

I hadn’t previously wanted to solve the issue of homelessness and impoverishment on planet earth. And yet, here these ideas show up! In my feeble brain! I hadn’t previously wanted to invent the solution to eliminate all of earth’s landfills. And yet, there the invention is: in my mind! How did that get there!?! How does this continue to happen? Because I have proven to God that I recognize a calling when I hear it, I honor the calling with faith, and more ideas flow to me. There must be something to this. Something like, “Whoever is faithful with very little will also be faithful with much.” Much. Indeed. Amen to that.


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