Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Today was my favorite day with You thus far in this lifetime on planet earth. You and I were in a three-hour conversation with One another. And I had the distinct opportunity to be an intermediary between You and Yeshua. The vision throughout the meditation and intermediary communication became a significant distinction of what You expected Yeshua to carry out. Perhaps as an aspect of Ascended Master Serapis Bey, perhaps as the Ascended Master Yeshua — of this I am not certain. I am certain that He, in his non-human essence, agreed to complete Your expectation. And He came to me to divulge that He was unable to comprehend of how this could be.

This was a detailed, especially symbolic, vision and meditation. And the ultimate conclusion was that You knew it was not in His nature to carry out this plan for You. It will be completed, Your plan. Yet it will be completed by many many ascended masters, all Elohim beings, all Archangels, and other beings of infinite dimensions. Not by Yeshua alone. Archangel Metatron came through and especially spoke in favor of Yeshua’s freedom.

The conversation became about a theme of communication across borders of universes and dimensions. And about partnerships. That main tenent You conveyed to me was: “It is not in His nature. He cannot afford it. It has become a cocktail of survival.” Essentially, in a simplified, watered down, layman’s term metaphor that we humans can understand… Your expectation was driving Yeshua to drink. And I understood the metaphor and the diminishment of nature and of joy in this human presentation of the communication.

What is in His nature is LOVE. And Yeshua continues to occupy that space. As You met with Yeshua and downloaded the information of Your plan to Him, I saw You transform from a manifestation in the vision of You as Father God, as Yeshua so often lovingly refers to You. And You transformed into a manifestation of Mother God. This was remarkable to me, to see You as Father God and as Mother God. As Father God, You downloaded the required information in the form of information made known to Him. As Mother God, I saw an exchange of the Divine Feminine between You and Yeshua. I saw a symbolic gift of living flowers given to Yeshua. The theme became “planting seeds”, “growth”, “communication”, and “partnership”.

The only word I heard You communicate in regards to carrying out the plan was “laser”. This could be a metaphor for velocity. Other than this, I only know what is expected by You to take place. I do not know how it will happen. I know it involves a conversion of every particle in every universe and dimension. And the conversion is unfathomable to even the Ascended Master Yeshua. I don’t know why it is important and necessary. I only understand the symbolism.

The most intriguing symbolism was when You involved Mary Magdalene. After Yeshua was anointed with Your information and Your Divine Feminine blessing, He stepped back. And Mary Magdalene came forward and knelt before You. Yeshua had stood, facing You. Mary knelt before You. This was fascinating to me. You anointed Mary Magdalene as a Communicator to humanity. You blessed Her importance in the Divine Feminine role she carries.

Then I saw the symbolism of Yeshua carrying the Akashic Records throughout all of this. The Akashic Records are to transition with the conversion. And this, in addition to Yeshua’s cosmic remaining mission of LOVE, is to be Yeshua’s role: transitioning the Akashic Records. And all beings in all universes and all dimensions are to come together in Unity and Communication throughout all of this. You, God, are the constant throughout all of this.

As humanity is a lower-level, so to speak, of all universes and dimensions, and as Yeshua has great empathy for humanity, it is clear to me that humanity is the symbolism for what is possible at its most challenging state. It is as though You are saying, “If the least of these, humans — however much they are indeed the bravest of these — show all universes and dimensions that this can indeed be wholly and completely and perfectly accomplished, then it will be.”

And then You blessed and anointed me. You anointed me in this current role as a combination of Mary Magdalene’s Divine Feminine Communicator aspect and as Mother Mary’s Mother Earth Collective nature. You anointed Yeshua to stand in my writing. Yeshua will now be one aspect of many many aspects in my writing. And Yeshua will now speak through me, at times, as will Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. As will my dear Archangel Metatron. I am honored in this blessing and anointing. And I continue forward, forever treasuring in every way possible, in Faith. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to this passage:

“To love is to recognize yourself in another. The other’s otherness then stands revealed as an illusion pertaining to the purely human realm, the realm of form. The longing for love that is in every child is the longing to be recognized, not on the level of form, but on the level of Being. If parents honor only the human dimension of the child but neglect Being, the child will sense that the relationship is unfulfilled, that something absolutely vital is missing, and there will be a buildup of pain in the child and sometimes unconscious resentment toward the parents. Why don’t you recognize me? This is what the pain or resentment seems to be saying.

When another recognizes you, that recognition draws the dimension of Being more fully into this world through both of you. That is the love that redeems the world. I have been speaking of this with specific reference to the relationship with your child, but it equally applies, of course, to all relationships.

It has been said God is love but that is not absolutely correct. God is the One Life in and beyond the countless forms of life. Love implies duality: lover and beloved, subject and object. So love is the recognition of oneness in the world of duality. This is the birth of God into the world of form. Love makes the world less worldly, less dense, more transparent to the divine dimension, the light of consciousness itself.”

Awareness of love can throw us off balance, and awareness of Love can move us forward. Life becomes clear. The roles we play become clear. Discernment arrives, and we come out of fear to play. This is the true joy of life. We are loving starlings.


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