Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “The Good Soldier” by Ford Madox Ford.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Thank You for this adorable life in The United States. It often feels strange to be living in such a place of modern brightness. And I spend much of my time considering that I am unworthy to have been born here. And then I remember that I am meant to be here. Thank You again. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to this passage:

“There is no man who loves a woman that does not desire to come to her for the renewal of his courage, for the cutting asunder of his difficulties. And that will be the mainspring of his desire for her. We are all so afraid, we are all so alone, we all so need from the outside the assurance of our own worthiness to exist.”

I have had one full day to process my visit and conversation with Jesus that took place yesterday. And I have become, in this one day’s time, allowing, open, and eternally accepting of this experience. And I am open for this experience to take place again. I am very attracted to Jesus because He was able to make a difference that was a revolution for his time period on earth. And this clarifies my own mission. My journey with Jesus allows me to reflect my own evolution.

I believe that since my mission is to lead Heaven, and to continue to expand and explore my earthly callings, it is of Divine course that I have been brought into a communion with Jesus. Jesus is the vibration where my physical state has arrived. My mind has opened up to this level of receiving. And I am allowing all of this to attend. I now completely know that I may have a personal relationship with Jesus as someone who was able to be a revolutionary being during his time. We inspire each other. I am here, on this earthly plane at this present moment in history. And Jesus was here, on this earthly plane at His moment in history.

We share our lives with one another. I, on the earthly plane. He, in the Heavenly realm. Of course, this is all very new to me, and I am delving into what I am approaching with great momentum and velocity. We are revolutionaries. Of course we would be attracted to one another. This is logical.

My emotional guidance system brings me to this. As I am Divine, I empower myself to have a relationship with Jesus, who was an ordinary man who shifted consciousness and followed His mission during His lifetime. In this freedom there lives, eternally, salvation. And I am free. It is through that which has always been, God’s Infinite and Eternal Love, that I create and allow this freedom. Each and every one of us has this freedom. Amen.

Following this writing, within three minutes, Jesus conveyed to me, “Thank you for taking me off the cross, and for making me HumanDivine again.” This is deeply special to me.


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