Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “Parade’s End” by Ford Maddox Ford.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Jesus sat with me today. He knelt down and I wept for several minutes during what was conveyed to me. And I did not understand what He meant when I knew it was time for Him to go. He was to leave to attend a parade. And then I later saw the title of today’s book. What am I to know amid these conversations? Amen”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to this passage:

“You seduced a young woman in order to be able to finish your talks with her. You could not do that without living with her. You could not live with her without seducing her; but that was the by-product. The point is that you can’t otherwise talk. You can’t finish talks at street corners; in museums; even in drawing-rooms. You mayn’t be in the mood when she is in the mood – for the intimate conversation that means the final communion of your souls. You have to wait together – for a week, for a year, for a lifetime, before the final intimate conversation may be attained…and exhausted. So that…
That in effect was love.”

Within three hours of typing this passage, a parade did take place. I thought Jesus was conveying that He was to attend a parade in Heaven. I received His message as one of a celebration to attend. And this may very well have been true. Yet here, on earth, three hours later, a civil protest took place. A gathering of hundreds of local residents took place on Interstate 94, three blocks from my home, and closed down that portion of the highway for over four hours during this evening’s civil parade.

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. There was a local shooting that took place this week that was catapulted into social media by a witness to the shooting. A peace officer shot a citizen during a routine traffic stop. And the attending friend of Philando Castile, the man who was shot by an officer of peace, was Diamond Reynolds. Reynolds was in her car with her boyfriend, Castile, during the moment of the shooting. Her four-year-old daughter was also in the car.

As this took place, three days ago, Reynolds filmed approximately nine minutes of footage immediately following the shooting. Reynolds live-streamed her video on Facebook, and the video was viewed more than 3.5 million times (on Facebook alone) within 24 hours, in addition to the millions of re-posts of the video throughout the global community. The civil protest that took place this evening, closing down I-94 in Saint Paul, was in large part a response to the shooting death of Philando Castile. I had left my home this evening, following the typing of today’s prayer and passage — and today’s extraordinary experience with Jesus. My experience with Jesus today was unlike anything I have ever experienced, far exceeding any grand moment I could otherwise entail in any other writing.

When I left my home following the experience with Jesus, as He had stated He needed to go to attend a parade, I was continuing with my day, not knowing what He meant by this information. I exited onto the Interstate, three blocks from my home. This exit was the very exit where the gathering of protesters took place less than one hour later. Interstate 94 is one of the busiest highways in Minnesota, and this portion of the highway that was closed — while hundreds of people gathered upon it during the peaceful protest, having marched from the Governor’s mansion where many more had been protesting due to the unrest resulting from the shooting death of Castile.

So, to re-cap: Jesus came to me in a vision today, which was a first for me in the way that He knelt with me and had a conversation. He has only visited me once before, which was this past May 21st, and during that time we did not converse, so today was an exceptionally new experience for me. His parting words during today’s conversation were that He needed to go to attend a parade. Less than three hours later, a large gathering of people closed down the busy Interstate in the capital city of my home state of Minnesota, just blocks from my home where my conversation and experience with Jesus took place. I can now only attain that Jesus was referring to that gathering of people, which closed the Interstate, as the parade He was to attend.

It gets even better. I had the experience with Jesus; three hours later, the Interstate a few blocks from my home was closed; I had left my home to drive to my cherished friend’s home, 25 minutes away from my home, less than an hour before the Interstate was closed. As my cherished friend and I were watching a televised news update of the peaceful protest taking place on the closed Interstate (every local evening news channel was covering it as their leading story), I had still not concluded that this was the parade Jesus was referring to when He spoke with me earlier today. My cherished friend then left his home for approximately 30 minutes, as he was to run an errand. I stayed at his home while he was gone, and I continued to watch the television coverage of the peaceful protest on I-94.

My cherished friend was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Approximately 25 minutes after he left his home, I saw a man on television wearing the same color T-shirt and same color shorts step into the crowd on the Interstate. The crowd was being filmed approximately one block’s distance away, so the man’s face was not clear. Yet his height, hair color, and clothing matched that of my cherished friend. In essence, the timing matched. The timing of the man stepping into the televised crowd — a 25 minute drive away — and the timing of my cherished friend leaving to run an errand 25 minutes prior. The visual experience of my most beloved friend on planet earth, my cherished friend, matched the Spiritual experienced I had with Jesus, my most beloved friend beyond earth. In essence, LOVE, through peaceful intention sent with a vibration of safety and protection of all in attendance of the parade was present and experienced.

In essence, I love Jesus. Jesus came to visit me for a conversation for the first time in my life today. He told me He needed to leave to attend a parade. I love my cherished friend. I visited him for a conversation as a parade of people was gathering near my home, a 25-minute drive away. He told me he needed to leave to run an errand. 25 minutes after he left, I saw him walk into the parade of people gathered 25 minutes away. I told him that I saw a man who looked exactly like him and wearing the same clothes he was wearing stepped into the televised crowd while he was gone, and we noted that it was funny because of course he was not physically there, as he had indeed returned with the person he had left to pick up, which was his errand.

The ESSENCE of all of this is LOVE IN ATTENDANCE. Love in attendance was conveyed by Jesus when I had no idea what He meant by it. Love in attendance was the large gathering of people that peacefully protested to close down a highway, calling our attention. Love in attendance was my visiting my cherished friend, the person on earth I can physically be with. Love in attendance was the prayerful intention we had for the peaceful protesters and the officers of peace, all gathered together at the PARADE. And love in attendance was a physical manifestation of the appearance of my earthly beloved in an essence of my Spiritual beloved being where He said He needed to be. LOVE IN ATTENDANCE IS US ALL.


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