Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from the book “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac.

Today I pray, “Dear God, I remember the vision that started it all. It was November 2007. I was taking a nap in my bedroom. My bedroom door was open to the hardwood floored hallway outside the room. My head on the pillow of my bed was about five feet from the bedroom doorway.

Halfway between sleep and an awakened state, I could hear children down the hall. There were four children. I couldn’t see them, yet I could hear them and I had a vision of what they were doing. I could hear that they were wearing winter jackets, the swishing sound the waterproof fabric makes between one’s arms and body. They were giggling, playing with coins one of the children had in a pocket. A nickel is what I pictured, because when one fell to the floor, the sound was too loud to be a dime and not loud enough to be a quarter.

They were waiting. And I instantly knew they were waiting for a school bus to arrive. I was so intrigued by the experience I was having that I invited them to come into my room and visit me. I invited them telepathically. I couldn’t speak. Something drew me to be open-minded about the experience.

My eyes were closed, and I was more asleep than awake, though I audibly seemed to have heard the nickel drop to the floor. As soon as I could feel my energy inviting them to travel down the hallway, approximately 30 feet, they were in the room with me. Their energy was joy. Their personalities were individual. This was evidenced less than 10 seconds after they were in the room because the oldest child, a boy, crawled up onto my back as though I was a trampoline.

I was sleeping with my back facing the ceiling. The other three children stood next to the bed, to my left, about three feet away from me. The older boy, the one jumping on my back, seemed to be inviting the other children to join him, especially one other boy. All of this was being done telepathically. No words had been spoken yet. They seemed to be between the school grades of fourth and seventh.

I said, telepathically, to the boy on my back, “If we are going to do this, you may not play on my back. Please stand over there with the other children.” I remember this clearly, saying, “If we are going to do this…” He went down within three seconds. His energy was one of no apologies, as he had done nothing wrong. His was a teenager’s energy. He was the leader of the group.

The youngest child, a girl, was shy, sweet, and impressionable. The other two children were boys, and I did not get a clear read on their energies. Mostly, the middle boys blended in. They were all playful and free. They seemed to wait for me to guide the importance of their presence. And so, I asked the first question.

Communication was done telepathically. I asked, “Why are you here?”

They seemed to all answer together, as if to signify that they were thinking in unison. They responded to my question, “We want you to know that where we are from there can be a recording, like a video camera, only the recording is not on a tape and there is no battery to charge.”

I asked if they wanted me to do something with that information. They asked in return, “Do you think you should do something with this information?” I seemed to know that they were spirits that had passed on. And they were focused on school, so I knew that it happened during the school year. And they were together, waiting for a school bus. I then gathered that they died together in a school bus crash. Yet they seemed so very much alive.

My energy was feeling drained. I couldn’t stay in that state much longer. I knew I was going to have to say goodbye and drift deeper into sleep. The entire experience had lasted between three to five minutes. And I asked one more question. I said, telepathically, “It is time for you to go now. Before you go, what else do you want to tell me?”

They said, collectively, “We want you to thank our science teachers. We love them so much. Please find them and thank them for us.” I replied, “Your science teachers? What are their names?” They told me the last name of one of the science teachers at one of their schools. But by the time I awoke from the nap, I had forgotten the name. I think it was Mrs. something. If I saw it, I would probably recognize it.

The next day, I did an Internet search for “Winter bus crash”. I probably searched for it, faithfully, for about an hour. Nothing came up. I was living in Minnesota at the time, and I thought I was going to find something in local news archives reporting on children killed in a school bus crash during the winter season. I didn’t know how far back I was searching, but their winter coats seemed to be made of a more modern Gore-Tex type of material. I distinctly remember typing “winter bus crash” in the search terms box, as well as “school bus crash winter”.

I was working at a local newspaper, as a reporter, at the time. So I searched the newspaper archives. I searched for about three days. Nothing came up in my searching, and I let it be. Then one day, about three months later, I saw the story on the news.

Four students died in a Minnesota school bus crash. The vision had happened in November 2007. The crash happened three months later, in February 2008. I saw their faces on the television screen. I fell to the floor and wailed in tears.

I knew in that moment that I could have prevented it in prayer. That was my first thought. And that began my exploration of Intercessory Prayer. At the time of the vision experience, I thought the spirits were visiting me, having already passed on from earth. I had absolutely no idea they were bypassing a time/space continuum. And I knew then that You were gifting me with the ability to prevent tragedies through prayer.

When I saw the children on television, I pictured exactly where they were standing in my room three months prior. And the physical distance between the location of the crash and my home was approximately 100 miles. I followed the story in the news and considered reaching out to the parents to offer condolences. But all of this was so new to me that I felt stopped. Now that I am sharing this experience, what is something of comfort to know? Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to this passage:

“What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? It’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”

I love the receiving of God’s Communication, in every glorious rite of passage where God’s Communication arrives. And I love the gift of Discernment, as through my efforts for growth there has become no effort in this. Code is programmed into a computer, and God’s Communication is programmed into my life of free will and choice. Yet it is Discernment within the actions of LOVE that makes the venture of life only seem crazy at times, in that the view of life from a perspective of God’s Loving Discernment is not the viewer who holds this Loving Discernment.

Children on earth at this time have said “Yes!” to the next crazy venture beneath the skies. Four children — Emilee, Hunter, Reed, and Jesse — stepped into my venture one afternoon in 2007, asked me if I thought I should do something with the information they were providing through God’s Loving Discernment, and offered the opportunity of The Biggest Audience calling nearly three years later. What I love about today’s passage is that it represents one of my present callings from God, which I am following, and this calling is my witnessing to the possibility of an abundance of ventures called life. And in this life, I must also follow my calling toward my own next crazy venture. I have family and friends in Minnesota whom I love dearly, and through Loving Discernment and Spiritual expansion, I know there is a too-huge world out here, calling my name.

I know that the Prophecy aspect of all of this is a calling within a calling, as it is in my best interest to witness to humans that God’s best interest is each and every one of you. God wants a deeper Relationship with you, any time you are ready. God says this to me every day, and Our Relationship does deepen. I would not be following my calling within a calling if I were to bow out of Prophecy, as God does not call the qualified; God qualifies the called. And witnessing in this medium of communication with humans is, with certainty, a calling. “Yes!”


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