Today’s Prayer to Passage will be from a publication of inspirational cards titled ‘Little Reminders: The Law of Attraction’ by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber.

Today I pray, “Dear God, In my 10.01.2015 Prayer to Passage titled ‘So I Prophesied,’ the day’s passage illustrated themes of prayer, reincarnation, and the advent of “an exceeding great army.” In my experience, great faith shows extraordinary children incarnating on earth at this time — multiplying Your Love, Peace, and Harmony. How do we best prepare for and honor these good soldiers of Christ? Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the shuffled cards in my hands and pulled three cards to reveal this passage:

I am always ready to take advantage of opportunities presented to me.
I effectively communicate and clarify my needs in order to achieve my goals.
I choose to relax and not fill my mind with worry, as that creates stress.”

I love how these seem to have arrived in natural, flowing, order. We begin with opportunity, opening our hearts and minds to a possibility of children leading the way — because of a heightened consciousness toward unity, love for all people, and peace on earth. I am totally OK with children being my teachers. I learn so much from children in so many delightful ways. Yes, there is something to be said of respecting one’s elders and honoring life experience. At the same time, if we consider the possibility and opportunity of reincarnation (maybe there could be another word for it in the area of ontology, as reincarnation isn’t a concept embraced with enthusiasm by everyone), we then see that children have life experience…and Heaven experience. They’ve entered knowing, and this is an opportunity for us all.

With opportunity comes communication, an inherent statement of God’s Hope. Yes, of course this continues to ask of us an extraordinary perspective. With communication, leaders emerge. And these children can detect false from true. They are on a natural mission they don’t even know is a mission. They have no regard for leaders who go against the mission of Love, Peace, and Harmony.

And if they don’t call them out with words, they will change the topic with actions. For example, on a small scale, imagine a child placing a pile of recyclables on the kitchen countertop after the parents had tossed them in the trash. No words needed. They live their integrity, and this is their communication. Their communication can be of the outspoken variety, too! They will definitely let us know exactly how they feel. “That was mean. That was not nice. And that was not very fair.”

And amid all of this mission accomplishing, ahhhhh. Let’s relax a little. Because the best part about this whole transition is that we’ve got amazing little beings coming in. They are affectionate, peaceful, and eager to learn. They will advise when asked to do so. Otherwise, they will serve without realizing they’re serving, in balance and harmony. Our stress would be detected — as they operate at a higher frequency and can detect stress and its ill effects. They are joyful healers sent by God. Less to worry about already.

P.S. Hahaha! As I was typing “Less to worry about already,” on TV right now (Two Broke Girls — when isn’t that sitcom on?), I just heard “I believe in everything you just said, and that children are the future.” That was great.


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