Today’s Prayer to Passage is from the children’s book ‘The Foot Book’ by the wonderful Dr. Suess.

Today I pray, “Dear God, I go about my days with my feet planted firmly on the ground. Even though my relationship with You is a connected one, I can still lead a regular life. I do smile when I go about my earthly everyday. Work, errands, coffee talk, date night, phone chats… Thank You for being here in prayer and meditation. And thank You for being there, Spiritually surrounding the usual. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I opened the book to this playful passage:

“More and more feet. Twenty-four feet.”

Twelve people. God’s twelve disciples went about their days. Even though they had a close connection to God, they kept their feet firmly planted on earth and went out into the world to accomplish lives that made a difference that mattered to people wherever they traveled. We can discipline ourselves to love God in our own extraordinary ways, and to show our love when out and about. I think of the twelve disciples going about their days, smiling when thinking about their connections with God. It is an honorable balance, left or right. May you cover yourself in the dust of God every step of the way.


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