Today’s Prayer to Passage comes from the book ‘101 Tips for Graduates: A Code of Conduct for Success and Happiness in Your Professional Life’ by Susan Morem.

Today I pray, “Dear God, What is a core standard for happiness in one’s professional life?”

Following my prayer, I opened the book to the following passage:

“TIP # 89
Don’t take rejection personally.
Rejection can be summed in one word: OUCH! It hurts to be rejected, but it doesn’t have to. Rejection can be good for you! As the saying goes, no pain, no gain. The struggles and setbacks in life will provide you with some of life’s most valuable life lessons.

Rejected? Put it in perspective.
Rejection is a part of life. You can’t always get what you want. Accept it and expect it to happen. When you are rejected, it isn’t always about you.

Rejection is inevitable. Consider it an aspect of your education. You can try out for the school play, the soccer team, choir, or any position you want. You will either make it or you won’t. There usually are more people trying out than there are positions available. You or someone you know will experience rejection. It doesn’t mean you are no good; it means other people fit the guidelines better.”

I think this can be applied to a broad range of life experiences. I believe, personally, that rejection means that I am being given the gift of a clearing for something more fitting to show up. Every best part of my life right now, if I were to make a list of ten, is because Plan A didn’t turn out as I had originally hoped. In hindsight, we can see this in our own lives. In the moment of rejection, it can be debilitatingly painful. Having a vision beyond the pain, having faith despite obstacles, can be an extremely difficult lesson to learn at any stage of life, yet faith in the minds of the afflicted can bring hope to the world.


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