Today’s Prayer to Passage will arrive instantaniously via the book ‘Love Wins’ by Rob Bell.

With haste, I pray, “Everpresent God, You’ve got all the time in the world. Impart Your eternal patience upon me. Amen.”

Concentrating on the book in hand, I opened it to reveal God’s response.

“To say it again, eternal life is less about a kind of time that starts when we die, and more about a quality and vitality of life now in connection to God. Eternal life doesn’t start when we die; it starts now. It’s not about a life that begins at death; it’s about experiencing the kind of life now that can endure and survive even death.”

Fate in the hands of God is timeless. There is nothing to suspect; only expect. I look around every day and see Heaven. Try it. Colors become brighter. Objects seem to have souls.

Even rocks become fascinating creatures that I want to stare at in wonder. High on eternal life. Ooo, here’s something else: Conversing with strangers becomes transformed. Be it in a café, at a park, or on a call with a client. I am over in their world. And they are in my Utopia.

Coming back down to earth, daily ardor arrives naturally. Not all day; circadian rhythms can attest to that. Vivacity shows up in honor of the abundance of something more. There is time to stop and smell the roses. There is time to dwell in awe. There is all the time in the world, in this, the time of our lives.

Soon enough, too soon, life becomes ordinary. There is no rush. Enjoy every step, every star, every last bite. Tranquil times call for tranquil measures. Peace begets peace. So, by all means available, savor the presentation of an extraordinary day.


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