Today’s Prayer to Passage comes from author Diane Ahlquist’s book ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Law of Attraction.’ Does that make me the “idiot”? Ha! This is a hilariously ironic title, since the Law of Attraction begins with believing in the most favorable possibility to create the desired result. Our words create our world. …Still laughing, excuse me!

“Dear God, I have this humorously titled book in my hands. And I wonder, how do I create velocity of Your universal Law of Attraction in my life? I see You rushing into my life every day and I am amazed. What is another talking point surrounding the topic of life rushing in?”

I opened the book to page 215. Here is the passage to which I was guided:

“Let’s say you made your request and you really did (and do) believe the law of attraction could work for you. But did you ‘feel’ it with that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling, or with the anticipation and excitement of knowing a great event was going to take place?
This is where many people go astray. They think their request is right because they want it to be right, but they don’t have that physical passion that tells them this is something that’s really worthwhile. It’s like going to dinner with someone who only looks at you as a platonic friend when you want more. You are excited to be with that person and you are hoping it will turn into something more. But deep down in your heart, you are still doubtful that anything will happen because this person has never shown romantic interest before. And so you’re excited about the possibility but you fear the final outcome won’t be what you want.”
—Diane Ahlquist

Ooo, I like it! I am starting to get an idea of this extra-excited feeling we must summon. I am now to fully believe that something is going to happen, so much so that I find myself saying the clichéd, “I can hardly believe it!” in advance. I am now to walk with a skip in my step because I am very much looking forward to the predetermined existence of what will be in my life. To further hasten the result, I write it down on a piece of paper.

In creating velocity, I create a jump-for-joy eagerness and elation. And I actually do jump up and down with excitement. I feel like a kid again! There is a lively command for creation from theory to reality. And I am gushing with animation. I start to make plans that tie in with the change that will soon take place. And I write down these plans on paper as well.

I make photocopies and place them in public locations where people will find them and read them. I am putting these thoughts out into the universe as truth. Truth be told. I thank God for what I have received, even though it has not yet come to fruition. I walk in stride with confidence. People notice a difference in me.

This actually happened to me today. I was approached by a colleague at work who told me, fairly bluntly, “You seem like a completely different person lately. You used to be so inward, like you wanted to blend in and not really be seen or known. But everyone knows who you are. Even if you try to be invisible. And now, you totally stand out. I see you walking around and think, ‘She’s the coolest.'”

I could only laugh. I didn’t know how to respond. It was not what I was expecting to hear someone say to me. But once she said it, I realized that lately I’ve sort of let go of walking on egg shells. I’ve freed myself up. I’m open and relaxed. And I enjoy each and every moment of the day.

This is the attitude to carry when rushing in continued success and happiness. This is the attitude of velocity. I am becoming attuned with the vibrations of the universe. And these vibrations are drawing in more and more of what I am setting out to attract. Life is coming into focus. The vision is clear and happening. Because I first believed.


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