OK. I will.

Last week, I published several of my poems and song lyrics (mainly song lyrics).

This week, I’ll be channeling… or trying to channel.

Today I found out that the building where I work will no longer host the company I work for. I am handling it well. I am home, channeling. Let’s get started…

One moment please.

“You’ve sacrificed everything. You need to keep a low profile. You have to focus. You’ve sacrificed everything. Be responsible. You’ve identified your Spiritual Calling exists in an unconventional world. You’re on the outside, looking over. We’re on the outside looking in.”

I’ll try it again.

“You’re worrying about channeling. It’s embarrassing. You probably want to secure another paycheck. The rest of it pays off. You’ll find a common job. The work hours aren’t that difficult for you. But I know you’ll want to secure as much money as possible. That’s no trouble. We’ll be there for you. You can count on us to renew your bank account. The opposite would need an adjustment in attitude.”

That’s all I’ve got today! Thank you for praying through life with me.

Until tomorrow, all my love!


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