I’m seated comfortably on my parents’ couch while conversations flow in the kitchen. Let the family reunion commence! It is raining today, and though there is a big tent set up in the front yard, we’ll likely be gathering indoors today.

I’ll be leaving to drive back to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Saint Paul) at about 5:30 this afternoon. It’s a quick trip. My social anxiety is at a minimum today, though I’ve retreated to the living room to blog for a moment. These are the types of social situations that sometimes have me feeling on edge. I am doing my best to resort to calm. I let calmness sort of wash over me.

I will be back to check in in a little while.

I had a wonderful time with my mother’s family. I got to talk and listen and I am so impressed with the amazing people in my Mom’s side of the family. My Dad’s side is great, too.

I am back home in Saint Paul. It is truly good to be back. On the entire drive home I listened to my subconscious thoughts. I’ve had a lot of energy surrounding me today. I am comfortable with it even though I’m not really making this up and it can feel intrusive at times.

I’ve retreated to the bedroom for sleep. Sunday: Complete!

Until tomorrow, all my love!


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