Today’s Prayer to Passage continues within the ancient scriptures of the “Nag Hamadi”. This month’s spiritual devotion to these texts will be taking place between June 1 – June 30, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, I am feeling the energies of my 11 Pinnacle, as I am in the heart of year number 6 — out of this 9-year cycle. In Numerology, an 11 Pinnacle — as a second Pinnacle out of four Life Stage Pinnacles — denotes a period of nine years focused on spiritual development and the development of partnerships and faith in the Divine order of life coupled with the free will of one’s leadership capacities. I am reeeeallly feeling it. I mean, on the FIRST day of my 11 Pinnacle, my 33rd Birthday, I accepted ‘The Biggest Audience’ calling. And four years and nine months into my 11 Pinnacle, I started this blog to share my spiritual awakening path and process with the world. There has been an unfolding of my awakening — even since I began this blog in 2015.

My awakening shows itself through my writing in a way that described some of my spiritual and life experiences in a very bloggish sort of way. And then, as I started to experience a real ascension taking place for me personally, everything sort of slowwwwweeeed waaayyyyy down. I got sappy. I got poetic (if you can call it that). And my writing became less entertaining and more flowery. I was only writing as I could write — mirroring what I was feeling. And some days, it was all I could do to entertain with words rather than continuously type how blessed my life is, how much gratitude I feel, how unity-conscious I am evolving and expanding into as a spiritual being having a temporary human experience in a three-dimensional world… You get the idea.

I couldn’t help but to reflect my ascension with flowery words of gratitude and blessedness. And I continue to do this. Because this 11 Pinnacle is so strong right now. Thank goodness I accepted (and sought) ‘The Biggest Audience’ calling when I did — at the BEGINNING of this highly, highly spiritual nine-year cycle — when I still had the gumption to seek and to find. It has unfolded into an ascension, and the spirit-filled nature of it all has carried me away like a seashell on the shore being taken by an ocean wave enrapturing the sand.

My nine-year Challenge to match this nine-year master-number 11 Pinnacle? A 1 Challenge. A 1 Challenge, Life Stage, period in Numerology denotes a timeframe of learning to stand up for myself, to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, and to not allow other people to bring me down in the midst of my flow. I am feeling this, too! I have become a better leader throughout the past six years, since day one of my 1 Challenge period, beginning on my 33rd Birthday. This challenge to be a leader has become an ability in being a leader — as six years of a challenge tends to turn the challenge into an ability.

When is this Pinnacle period and this Challenge period complete for me? On my 42nd Birthday. That is two years and four months away. So… I have some more time to be in all of this. Then a new nine-year Pinnacle joined by a new nine-year Challenge. I already know what they are (I looked ahead and read the numbers and the descriptions — like looking at the back of a school workbook to see the answer sheet). I enjoy Numerology, and I assume the responsibilities well. Being aware of Numerology does take responsibility to utilize it wisely.

I will admit, however, that I nearly forgot I was in an 11 Pinnacle until shortly after I started this blog. I recalled it as I was recalling ‘The Biggest Audience’ calling. As though all of those spiritual agreements were playing themselves out in a grassroots, organic way for nearly five years… and then I decided to start writing about it… and I remembered what my life was — between You and me, that is. I like that it turned out this way; that my spiritual journey was a private agreement between You and me. And then I chose to share it with the world after being deeply private and personal about it for several years. In fact… I love it. I am deeply grateful. And I am truly blessed. Flowery and all. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“Now when the Epinoia of the Light realized that he (Yaltabaoth) had begged him (the Light) for another order, even though he was lower than she, she said, “Give me another order, so that you may become for me a dwelling place, lest I dwell in disorder forever.” And the order of the entire house of glory was agreed upon her word. A blessing was brought for her and the higher order released it to her.”

Awww! I love that this passage is about an “order” being given to a woman… and then another order. This is so reflective of my prayer, and I love it. “…Lest I dwell in disorder forever.” This is what I love about Numerology. It is a little nudge from God and the Angels to help is out in a universal communication of numbers kind of way. I really am grateful for the universal communication of numbers, and for all of the infinite ways in which God is available to communicate to each and every one of us. Amen.


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