Today’s Prayer to Passage will set forth a one-month spiritual devotion journey within the “Nag Hamada” scriptures. I started a one-month spiritual devotion to a focused scripture in the month of January 2017, choosing “A Course In Miracles” scribed by Helen Schucman. And in May 2107, I continued a one-month spiritual devotion within the “Rig Veda”. Now, this month, June 2017, I choose the “Nag Hamadi” scriptures.

These three sets of writings were the writings that Yeshua honored — as channeled by Clear Conduit Channel and Spiritual Alchemist Pamela Aaralyn during this year’s Easter season. I have included a link to Pamela’s beautiful channeling of Yeshua in my May 1, 2017 blog post titled “ONE MONTH WITHIN THE RIG VEDA”. Feel free to check that out as well. For now, we will continue within the “Nag Hamadi” scriptures…

Today I pray, “Dear God, Thank You so much for a reconnection to scriptures that Yeshua honors. Free will and personal choice are wonderful. And within this season of my spiritual path, I feel the blessedness of choosing to delve into the “Nag Hamadi”. Thank You so much for this. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed book in my hands and opened it to reveal this passage:

“[It is he] alone who came to be, that [is, the Christ. And] as for me I anointed him as the glory [of the] Invisible [Spirit] with [goodness]. Now [the Three] I established [alone in] eternal [glory] over [the Aeons in the] Living [Water], that [is, the glory that surrounds him] 38 who first came forth to the Light of those exalted Aeons, and it is in glorious Light that he firmly perseveres. And [he] stood in his own Light that surrounds him, that is, the Eye of the Light that gloriously shines on me. He perpetuated the Father of all (the) Aeons, who am I, the Thought of the Father, Protennoia, that is, Barbelo, the [perfect] Glory and the [immeasurable] Invisible One who is hidden.”

I know that I am ready to continue within my callings from God. I have accepted this, and I say, “yes” to this. As I move forward, I feel protection and love. I can only stand in protection and love. Love is the only thing that is real. And I choose Love.


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