Today’s Prayer to Passage continue within the sacred texts of “The Rig Veda”. This month’s spiritual devotion to these ancient writings is taking place between May 1 – May 31, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Being conscious has us being with faith. Things hidden from our view, blindspots, are indeed a part of living among the veil of planet earth. Yet beyond the veil, we continually open our lives to more and more consciousness. And more. And more. The caterpillar asks, ‘Is this my tomb? Or is this the womb?’ The foundation of what is hidden grows into a transformation and a new life. Thank You for this. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed texts in my hands and opened them to reveal this passage:

“HYMN XI. Agni

1. THE Bull hath yielded for the Bull the milk of heaven: the Son of Aditi can never be deceived.
According to his wisdom Varuṇa knoweth all: may he, the Holy, hallow times for sacrifice.
2 Gandharvi spake: may she, the Lady of the flood, amid the river’s roaring leave my heart untouched.
May Aditi accomplish all that we desire, and may our eldest Brother tell us this as Chief.
3 Yea, even this blessed Morning, rich in store of food, splendid, with heavenly lustre, hath shone out for man,
Since they, as was the wish of yearning Gods, brought forth that yearning Agni for the assembly as the Priest.
4 And the fleet Falcon brought for sacrifice from afar this flowing Drop most excellent and keen of sight,
Then when the Āryan tribes chose as Invoking Priest Agni the Wonder-Worker, and the hymn rose up.
5 Still art thou kind to him who feeds thee as with grass, and, skilled in sacrifice, offers thee holy gifts.
When thou, having received the sage’s strengthening food with lauds, after long toil, cornest with many more.
6 Urge thou thy Parents, as a lover ‘ to delight: the Lovely One desires and craves it from his heart.
The priest calls out, the sacrificer shows his skill, the Asura tries his strength, and with the hymn is stirred.
7 Far-famed is he, the mortal man, O Agni, thou Son of Strength, who hath obtained thy favour.
He, gathering power, borne onward by his horses, makes his days lovely in his might and splendour.
8 When, Holy Agni, the divine assembly, the sacred synod mid the Gods, is gathered,
And when thou, Godlike One, dealest forth treasures, vouchsafe us, too, our portion of the riches.
9 Hear us, O Agni, in your common dwelling: harness thy rapid car of Amṛta.
Bring Heaven and Earth, the Deities’ Parents, hither: stay with us here, nor from the Gods be distant.”

Enlightenment and awakening assume a glorious interplay. Here, stands new beginnings. Here, lives transformation. The chrysalis opens. And new life begins.


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