Today’s Prayer to Passage will continue within the sacred scriptures of the “Rig Veda”. This month’s spiritual devotion to these scriptures is taking place between May 1 – May 31, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Restlessness and inner agitation can be dissipated by focusing on nature, taking attention away from any and all drama, and breathing and smiling. In remembering our Divine nature, in remembering that You, Source, are in each and every one of us, and in a moment of attention towards gratitude for what we have been given — even the gratitude for our wisdom —brings us to this sacred space of new and continuing creation. Thank You for this. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed texts in my hands and opened them to reveal this passage:


1. THE King whose face is decked with oil is kindled with homage offered by his faithful servant.
The men, the priests adore him with oblations. Agni hath shone forth when the dawn is breaking.
2 Yea, he hath been acknowledged as most mighty, the joyous Priest of men, the youthful Agni.
He, spreading o’er the earth, made light around him, and grew among the plants with blackened fellies..
3 How dost thou decorate our hymn, O Agni? What power dost thou exert when thou art lauded?
When, Bounteous God, may we be lords of riches, winners of precious wealth which none may conquer?
4 Far famed is this the Bhārata’s own Agni he shineth like the Sun with lofty splendour.
He who hath vanquished Pūru in the battle, the heavenly guest hath glowed in full refulgence.
5 Full many oblations are in thee collected: with all thine aspects thou hast waxen gracious.
Thou art already famed as praised and lauded, yet still, O nobly born, increase thy body.
6 Be this my song, that winneth countless treasure, engendered with redoubled force for Agni,
That, splendid, chasing sickness, slaying demons, it may delight our friend and bless the singers.
7 We, the Vasisthas, now implore thee, Agni, O Son of Strength, the Lord of wealth and riches.
Thou hast brought food to singers and to nobles. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.”

In praise and adoration, there is a celebration of gratitude for wisdom. There is a swift strength. There is a transformation of natural power within self-awareness. There is self-love. There is union. And there is peace.


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