Today’s Prayer to Passage will continue within the “Rig Veda”. This month’s spiritual dedication to the ancient Sanskrit texts of the Rig Veda is taking place from May 1 – May 31, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, I can see opportunities to create every day. In this sense You and I co-create every day. Thank You for this perspective. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I held the closed texts in my hands and opened them to reveal this passage:

“HYMN I. Agni.

1 I Laud Agni, the chosen Priest, God, minister of sacrifice,
The hotar, lavishest of wealth.
2 Worthy is Agni to be praised by living as by ancient seers.
He shall bring hitherward the Gods.
3 Through Agni man obtaineth wealth, yea, plenty waxing day by day,
Most rich in heroes, glorious.
4 Agni, the perfect sacrifice which thou encompassest about
Verily goeth to the Gods.
5 May Agni, sapient-minded Priest, truthful, most gloriously great,
The God, come hither with the Gods.
6 Whatever blessing, Agni, thou wilt grant unto thy worshipper,
That, Aṅgiras, is indeed thy truth.
7 To thee, dispeller of the night, O Agni, day by day with prayer
Bringing thee reverence, we come
8 Ruler of sacrifices, guard of Law eternal, radiant One,
Increasing in thine own abode.
9 Be to us easy of approach, even as a father to his son:
Agni, be with us for our weal.”

Chosen. Wealth. Praised. Plenty. Heroes. Glorious. Perfect. Truthful. Blessing. Prayer. Reverence. Radiant. Easy. With.
There is opportunity for co-creation all around. And all within. “The Kingdom of God is within.”. And together, we co-create every day.


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