Today’s Prayer to Passage continue within the “Rig Veda”. This month’s spiritual devotion to these ancient writings will take place between May 1 – May 31, 2017.

Today I pray, “Dear God, Thank You for transforming me back to my Higher Self connection. Thank You for allowing me to recognize myself as the compassionate, loving, nurturing, joyful, abundant being I am. Amen.”

Following my prayer, I meditated with the ancient Sanskrit text and opened it to reveal this passage:

“HYMN XLII. Pūṣan.

1 SHORTEN our ways, O Pūṣan, move aside obstruction in the path:
Go close before us, cloud-born God.

2 Drive, Pūṣan, from our road the wolf, the wicked inauspicious wolf,
Who lies in wait to injure us.
3 Who lurks about the path we take, the robber with a guileful heart:
Far from the road chase him away.
4 Tread with thy foot and trample out the firebrand of the wicked one,
The double-tongued, whoe’er he be.
5 Wise Pūṣan, Wonder-Worker, we claim of thee now the aid wherewith
Thou furtheredst our sires of old.
6 So, Lord of all prosperity, best wielder of the golden sword,
Make riches easy to be won.
7 Past all pursuers lead us, make pleasant our path and fair to tread:
O Pūṣan, find thou power for this.
8 Lead us to meadows rich in grass: send on our way no early heat:
O Pūṣan, find thou power for this.
9 Be gracious to us, fill us full, give, feed us, and invigorate:
O Pūṣan, find thou power for this.
10 No blame have we for Pūṣan; him we magnify with songs of praise:
We seek the Mighty One for wealth.”

These passages differ from the books that I typically choose, and in this devotion, I can already feel a change in my meditative state. I like it! It is interestingly refreshing! It is enjoyable to be connected to a text that is honored by Yeshua. I deeply appreciate the connection to these texts that brings me to a place that is meditative, apart from daily life. It is a clarity of pause. This pause is a meditation.


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